China Small Appliance Fair is in hot progress

China Small Appliance Fair is in hot progress From August 22 to August 24, the 10th China Small Appliance Fair and Accessories Purchase Association (hereinafter referred to as “China Small Appliance Fair”) was held in Zhongshan Huangpu International Exhibition Center. The vertical portal of China Home Appliances No. 1 professional of Wanweijiadian has provided full coverage of the exhibition.

Yushchenko Electric is an important exhibitor of the Small Home Appliances Trade Show. Yushchenko brings out all kitchen electrical products. The products include range hoods, gas stoves, water heaters, and water purifiers. The kitchen area of ​​Yushchenko was attracting attention at the booth area and location of the exhibition. Once the products were unveiled, there was a continuous stream of visitors.

The main characteristics of the first gas stove products are fire resistance, wind resistance, energy concentration, and rapid heating and boiling water. Water heater products are not only hot, safety is gradually improving, is a good choice for consumers.

In the course of its development, Yushchenko has fostered and created a group of high-quality scientific and technical personnel, and has scored dozens of scientific research achievements won awards from the state, province and city. He participated in the 1st Music Angel Speakers Association and spoke as an enterprise representative of integrity and self-discipline. The meeting achieved good results.

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