How to protect the notebook drive

How to protect the notebook drive The optical drive of a notebook computer is a very delicate component. Even though the frequency you use is usually not very high, it is obvious that it is easy to be damaged. If it is used, it will not be a headache if it is used. So, today and everyone talk about how to extend the life of the notebook drive.

1, keep the drive, CD-ROM clean, no doubt.

The optical components in the optical drive are very delicate. The optical disc must be cleaned before it is installed in the optical drive. The optical components are most afraid of dust pollution.

2, or clean, regular cleaning and maintenance of laser head.

After the optical drive is used for a period of time, the laser head will inevitably be contaminated with dust, so that the readability of the optical drive can be reduced. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning or maintenance of the optical drive or to the maintenance of professionals.

3, place the drive horizontally.

The center of gravity of the disc changes due to unbalance during rotation, and it may degrade the ability to read the disc when it is light. In severe cases, it may damage the laser head.

4, get into the habit of taking the plate in time before shutting down.

Once an optical disc is in the drive, not only will the computer have a long read time when it is started, but the disc will also be in a state of high-speed rotation. This will not only increase the working time of the laser head, but also make the motor and transmission components in the optical drive wear out, virtually shortening the life of the optical drive.

5, reduce the drive time.

In order to reduce the use time of the optical disk drive and extend its lifespan, users of the computer can store the frequently used optical disks as virtual disks on the hard disk when the hard disk space permits.

6. Use less pirated CDs.

With poor quality discs, the laser head needs to repeatedly read the data, which increases the working time of the motor and the laser head. In the long run, it will greatly shorten the service life of the optical disc drive.

7, use the program to open and close the disk box.

Try to use the software to control the opening and closing of the disk box to avoid forced switching, which can reduce the incidence of optical drive failure.

8, try to put less DVD movies.

Due to a long time optical drive reading discs, a great impact on the life of the drive. The programs that need to be played frequently can best be copied into hard disks to ensure the longevity of the optical drive.

Keep in mind the above eight points, but also your health and longevity drive.

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