Analysis of Problems Existing in Application of Intelli…

Early video analysis application products appeared on the market, which caused a real uproar, and many special application scenarios and application environments can indeed bring great value to customers. For example, the statistical technology of people flow in shopping malls has brought huge tec

Aoyang Shunchang: LED epitaxial wafer and chip equipmen…

On October 16th, Aoyang Shunchang (002245) said on Thursday that the company's LED epitaxial wafers and chips have been put into production, and the capacity utilization rate is good. Aoyang Shunchang is principally engaged in the processing of metal materials, LED business and micro-credit bu

Research on equivalent thermal stress of photon barrier

The goal of the structural design of the light-blocking element is to make the temperature rise of the absorber and the maximum thermal stress caused by the high thermal load not exceed the specified value of the design criteria. First, according to the actual light source parameters and synchr

Smart home platform or will become **

Smart home is an inevitable trend in the future development of the home field. Market competition has become very fierce in the beginning of the industry competition. Smart home companies or related companies believe that "the standard is the best," as long as they have their own

Everlight launches new natural light LED technology to …

The lighting market for professional applications is superior to the color rendering index 95Ra. High quality natural light LED technology 09.17 News - The leading manufacturer of LED optoelectronic industry in the world, Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. [TSE: 2393] is committed to new natural light

Apple 6 Sword: The mobile phone is also "made"…

Today, for "fruit powder" distributed all over the world, it is undoubtedly a carnival holiday. The opening of Apple's new 6 conference means that the 7th generation of Apple's mobile phone was officially launched one year later, especially Apple's mobile phone. The f

NXP Smart Gateway Reference Design

The NXP Internet (IOT) gateway is an important part of the wired network that connects devices with everyday wireless capabilities, and they can be controlled and monitored. Based on the host controller running OpenWrt ARM9 Linux operating system, it provides an easy to use pl