Asia 2 satellite parameter table

Asia 2 satellite parameter table 120.0 ° E Asia 2 Receive parameters Channel name status Encryption VPID APID Language Updated Channel Provider / Region 4080 V 6110 tp: 12A fec: 3/4 Beam: C Asian Satellite Information free 0 110 120 0 120206 Hong Kong S

Research on Testing Methods of Photoelectric Color Perf…

In recent years, with the continuous development of LED technology, high-power semiconductor lighting devices have developed rapidly in recent years, especially the continuous improvement of white light power and light efficiency, LED gradually entered the field of lighting, t

PPS messaging: simplifying medical device design

The core tip of the electronic enthusiast network: The design, development and preparation of an electronic medical device may take more time, effort and cost than consumer-grade devices with the same technical complexity. In addition to general development and approval requir

Xuming launched C35 LED series products

Xuming Optoelectronics SemiLEDs, a well-known high-power LED manufacturer, launched a new series of C35 LED light sources in July 2012. This product uses Xuming EV LED (Enhanced VerTIcal (EVTM)) chips. C35 products have excellent color temperature control technology, low therm

ROHM introduces the industry's smallest transistor …

Recently, the well-known Japanese semiconductor manufacturer ROHM (headquartered in Kyoto, Japan) has begun mass production of the world's smallest ※ size transistor package "VML0806" (0.8mm & TImes; 0.6) for various electronic devices such as smart pho

LTE voice service related technologies and recommendati…

Abstract: In the era of LTE mobile broadband access, operators are faced with more mobile terminal users using Internet applications to use voice services. The technical specifications of 3GPP and the corresponding technical system of the GSMA Operator Enterprise Alliance clea

Teach you to set up a network video surveillance server…

1. Description of the network monitoring server; How to use the camera to make a system for monitoring from time to time? That is to say, there is a dedicated network control server, and other clients use the network video monitoring software or browser to monitor the locatio