LED display new upgrade three major trends worthy of at…

The open market means that the fierce competition of products is getting smaller and smaller. How to get out of the current development dilemma has become the focus of major LED display manufacturers. Compared with the business opportunities brought by other industries, the LED display products are

Research and Design of Dedicated SOC Security Control A…

introduction In order to meet the needs of smart cards and trusted computing applications, a dedicated SoC chip was designed and implemented. The chip consists of a microprocessor, program and data memory and management module, security logic module, cryptographic service mod

Principle Analysis of Plasma Color TV Micro Control Cir…

The basic block diagram of the PDP color TV microcontroller circuit is shown in the figure below. As can be seen from the figure, the microcontroller circuit is mainly composed of MCU and working condition circuit (power supply, reset, oscillation circuit), remote control rece

How do game road lighting LED companies win?

In the future, the development direction of road lighting will also be LED lighting technology. It can be seen that the prospect of LED in domestic and global road lighting is limitless. Although the LED road lighting prospects are considerable, there are still some difficulties at this stage, and

LED display point-by-point correction quietly ushered i…

If the pure brightness correction technology is used as the 1.0 era of point-by-point correction, then the chroma correction technology will become the 2.0 era of point-by-point correction. We know that the most original point-by-point correction mainly solves the problems of LED display screens a

Jingdong WeChat first-class entrance on the line

On May 28th, JD.com announced that JD.com started launching on the “shopping” level entrance of the WeChat platform and gradually opened it to WeChat users in China. On May 27th, two cities in Beijing and Shanghai have upgraded to version 5.3 WeChat users. We can see the â€

WeChat users can enjoy free Wifi in Hong Kong

May 27 news, for many users, overseas Internet access is a hassle, if there is free Wifi is naturally better. Recently, Tencent has reached cooperation with Hong Kong operator PCCW-HKT to provide free Wifi for visitors to Hong Kong during May 26 to June 15. It is reported that WeChat and