Most nodes in the Internet of Things are not seeing the…

Our EE TImes US Shibuya office director does not want to use Apple Watch or Fitbit, do not like this type of equipment to say nothing about his problems, but the industry trend seems so... I need to lose about 8 pounds (about 3.6 kilograms), I know what to do, and that makes

Virtual reality enters the film industry

Virtual reality technology has entered a period of rapid development. In addition to the game industry, filmmakers are also trying to bring the viewing experience to a new level through virtual reality technology. With a headset, viewers can easily enter another space and e

Sharp and Tencent Penguin TV strategically collaborate …

Recently, Tencent Penguin TV and Sharp officially announced the launch of the Internet TV business cooperation. It is reported that this is the first time that the two leaders in their respective industries have held hands. Penguin TV will be broadcasted by iCNTV and will p

What automotive technologies will CES Asia show this ye…

The second CES Asia will open in Shanghai. "With in-vehicle communications making cars safer and making it easier for drivers to connect, the intersection between technology and cars is reaching unprecedented heights. Future mobility not only makes progress in gesture co

Baby Care God: Fluorite Beckham R2

Brand: Fluorite Recommended Product: Fluorite Beckham R2 Reference price: 299 yuan Processor: Hass Hi3798M Professional Quad-Core Chip System: Android 4.4 System Content Resources: BesTV BesTV Broadcast Control Platform Video decoding: Supports H.265 Output Resolutio