Shanghai spot copper price chart December 21

Shanghai spot copper price chart December 21 Corn ShellerCorn Sheller,Hand Corn Sheller,Corn Sheller Machine,Hand Crank Corn ShellerHunan Furui Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ,

Zhongfa Technology subsidiary Zhongzhi Light Source LED…

Recently, Tongling Zhongfa Sanjia Technology Co., Ltd. and its holding subsidiaries received government subsidies and various subsidies totaling approximately RMB 10.98 million. Among them, Tongling Zhongfa Sanjia Technology received 4 million yuan of government subsidies, received 3 million yuan

Dow Corning: Power LED Lighting Assembly

[High-tech LED reporter Liu Qiaomei reports from Shenzhen] After the silicone product has gained one-sided recognition in the LED packaging market in China, Dow Corning, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary, has begun to work on the assembly of lamps. On the morning of December 20th, sponsore

Four governments investigate Google’s tax avoidance p…

Google’s tax avoidance of US$2 billion was investigated by documents from four governments, including Britain and France, which showed that in 2011, Google shifted $9.8 billion in revenue to a shell company in Bermuda to avoid a $2 billion income tax worldwide. The amount of tax avo

New iPhone will be equipped with LED flash station fact…

The market is coming out, Apple's next iPhone will be equipped with multiple LED flash. Because LED flashlights are not patented, Taiwanese companies have the opportunity to win business opportunities. The largest mobile phone flashlight has the highest chance of Everlight, and Lite-On is activ

Haier first recognized overseas home appliances

At present, Haier’s footprints have spread all over the world... From the most unexpected encounter of Haier by photographers around the world in Qatar’s Doha Street to the “Miracle of Haier” in front of the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt. Then to the friends of wine a