Display backlight increase after the lack of Taiwan billion light bet lighting

[Text/High-tech LED reporter Long Zonghui ] On August 8, Taiwan's largest packaging company, Everlight, released its 2013 semi-annual report. Its LED semi-annual operating income was NT$10.208 billion, up 23.67 compared with NT$8.254 billion in the same period last year. %.

It is understood that Everlight's operating income for the first half of this year was NT$11.107 billion, an increase of 22.94% compared with NT$9,535 million in the same period last year. Driven by LED performance, the company's overall operating gross profit was 2.695 billion Taiwan dollars, gross margin of 25%, compared with the same period last year of 1.886 billion Taiwan dollars, the gross profit margin of 21% has also greatly improved.

Li Jiahao, associate director of China Everbright Business Unit, said that overall, the market development in the first half of 2013 was more satisfactory than last year, and the industry's general performance increased by 10-30%. The overall performance of Yiguang was especially better than the market average in the mainland China market, with an increase of over 30%. %. On the basis of strict cost control, Yiguang relies on the technology and scale advantages of its packaging manufacturers to ensure the gross profit by developing device products that have higher technical challenges.

At present, Yiguang's main business includes packaging devices and lighting. The packaged parts include lighting, backlight and display.

In terms of LED backlight devices, small-sized devices are affected by the increasing size of mobile phones and tablet panels, and the number of devices has increased, driving the overall demand to rise steadily. However, as the market approaches saturation, it is difficult for LED backlight devices to have much room for growth in the future.

In order to improve the gross profit, Everlight has continuously introduced new products to meet market requirements. At present, for TV backlight, Yiguang has developed a new generation of 7020Flat series package products based on the mainstream device 7020. In addition to meeting the needs of the European and American markets, it also conforms to the global future development direction---the light guide plate used by the side-emitting TV ( LGP) Demand for mainstream thickness.

"We expect the growth in the second half will be better than the first half." Li Jiahao said, but due to the end of the large-size TV subsidy policy, and the new policy has not been announced, the sales growth of all medium and large-sized devices is generally weak.

It is understood that the display field in mainland China is affected by the reduction in government procurement, resulting in a slight decline in the overall display of Yiguang display devices. In order to compensate for the disadvantages of display devices, Yiguang and Liard jointly developed a 0.8x0.8mm package for small-pitch TVs, but this product has not yet been large-scale.

Faced with large and medium-sized backlights and showing that the growth rate may be weakened in the second half of the year, Everlight Lighting hopes to ensure that revenues continue to increase steadily. "The application of lighting in foreign markets has been more and more, the domestic people's understanding of LED is gradually improved, I believe that in the field of lighting, Everlight will maintain double-digit growth every quarter." Li Jiahao said.

Due to the blowout of the LED lighting market in the first half of this year, the sales of LED lighting package devices have been boosted, which has contributed a lot to the revenue of Yiguang. Especially in lighting devices, the demand for medium power devices has increased significantly, making it more reasonable for Billion's corresponding revenue to double.

Everlight not only has some strength in lighting equipment, but also established Yiguang Solid-State Lighting Company in Shanghai in March this year, which is responsible for sales in China, but this part has not contributed much to Yiguang.

“Yiguang has been in the LED lighting brand for two years. In 2013, it moved its focus to the Chinese market because we believe that mainland China is very likely to become the world's largest consumer market and source of lighting products.” Li Jiahao believes that Yiguang is LED material cost control is very competitive with the supply chain system.

Domestic lighting is currently in the stage of shuffling. At this time, Everlight will have to face the cruel price war.

Li Jiahao believes that Yiguang hopes that its products will naturally move towards the middle and high-end through competition, and will achieve more sales, turnover rate and greater profits under the promotion of cost-effective products.

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