Nanning uses LED ceiling lights to rectify "clone" fake taxis

In the urban area of ​​Nanning, some "clone" fake taxis make it difficult for citizens to distinguish between true and false. They not only disrupt the normal operating market, but also pose a safety hazard to passengers. On the evening of August 21, the Nanning City Transportation Management and Public Security Criminal Investigation Department jointly launched the second phase of the special rectification campaign against the deck taxis, aiming to curb the recent trend of counterfeit taxis.

At 8 o'clock that night, more than 50 people from Nanning City Transportation Management Office, Municipal Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment and taxi company inspection personnel were divided into 6 groups, namely Beihu Road, You'ai Road, Xiuling Road and Mingxiu Road in Xixiangtang District. Hengyang Road and other fake taxis often inspected the lot. It is reported that the recent fake taxis have shown a rising trend.

The reporter went to the Hengyang intersection of Beihu with a group of players. With the commander's order, the staff of the taxi information system of Nanning City immediately sent anti-counterfeiting information to the regular taxis in the city. The anti-counterfeiting information is displayed on the front panel of the LED. The original screen that only displays the words “empty car” or “having a guest” is added to the word “Nanning”, which alternates with the original subtitle every 3 seconds. According to reports, anti-counterfeiting information is compiled through the background, and the specific content can be changed at any time.

“The 'clone' fake taxi has a ceiling light, but it is not connected with our information system, and it cannot display anti-counterfeiting information.” Lou Guohua, head of the taxi supervision department of Nanning Transportation Management Office, said that Nanning is a rental determined by the Ministry of Communications. One of the second batch of pilot cities for vehicle intelligent management system, the construction of taxi information system has been basically mature. It was the first time to use information technology to crack down on fake taxis.

"The car did not display anti-counterfeiting information, stop it!" Because the LED front screen static only shows the word "passenger", a taxi that is at the intersection and other traffic lights is stopped. The driver argued that his car was a regular taxi, but the satellite terminal had a problem and his car could not be connected. The inspector contacted the background of the information system on the spot and reported the license plate number to confirm that the taxi number of the license plate number was indeed offline. To be cautious, law enforcement officers temporarily detained the driver’s qualification certificate for follow-up investigation.

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