LED lighting channel expansion summit Nanjing station perfect ending

LED lighting channel expansion summit Nanjing station perfect ending In order to better promote the healthy development of China's semiconductor lighting industry, to help China's lighting dealers walk calmly in the era of LED lighting, CSA China (East China) LED Application Promotion Center (CSAPC) to integrate superior resources to assist lighting distributors in the LED lighting industry, Markets, products, and designs gain a better understanding and respond quickly to changes in the lighting market. On August 23, 2013, CSA China (East China) LED Application Promotion Center joined forces with Great Lighting Media to launch the LED Lighting Channel Expansion Summit (Nanjing Railway Station) of the “Footprint Plan” at Nanjing Central Hotel. More than 100 representatives from LED lighting manufacturing companies and lighting distributors attended the meeting.

The summit was hosted by Zhao Xiaoming, Deputy General Manager of CSA China (East China) LED Application Promotion Center and delivered a welcome speech. The summit focused on the characteristics of the LED lighting market, starting from product applications, combined with actual combat experience to share the success of LED lighting business.

First of all, the channel side was led by Wang Binqiu, deputy general manager of CSA China (East China) LED Application and Promotion Center, who gave a keynote report on "The Need for New Thinking in the Development of LED Application Markets". The report discussed in depth the status quo of LED lighting applications, policy-to-market forecasts, and LED applications. Pattern analysis; LED application promotion new case; LED application market new ideas; and future development direction.

The company's product manager Li Guangsheng of Shanxi Guangyu Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. made a report on the theme of “Selection of office lighting LED products”. The report mainly stated the requirements of office lighting; the standard of office lighting; the energy saving requirements of office lighting; LED lighting products With the advantages of traditional products and the application of office lighting and other aspects, detailed introduction of the development direction of office lighting and market forecasts, for dealers how to choose LED lighting products to make recommendations.

Dr. Liu Zongyuan of Foshan Guoxing Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. made a report titled “Analysis of LED Lighting Products”, focusing on interpreting what is a good LED product and introducing it to each dealer's representative with a case. Samsung LED Chen Jingbo made a report on the theme of "Samsung LED Hotel Application". Representatives of dealers representing Yiguang Lighting in Jiangsu General Manager Liu Hu's report are particularly exciting. The topic is "If You Are the One," from life experience to entrepreneurial experience, from success to failure, from market to marketing, from traditional channels to modern distribution, e-commerce. Mode, expression of the most vivid.

In the summit dialogue, what kind of channels do LED lighting industry representatives need? Is there a separation between traditional channels and new channels? What are the connections and differences? There is certainly no way out for low-price competition, but where is the way out? LED era, should give the channel business support? What is the future LED lighting marketing model, development direction and stage performance? Other issues and representatives have discussed all aspects and dimensions.

Through this summit, guests learned about the new channel strategy and promotion strategy of CSA China (East China) LED Application and Promotion Center. They realized that to be big and powerful, they must go from product level to relationship level to solution level and application level. Enhance the level of infrastructure and business operations, establish a brand strategy development planning concept, establish a complete market distribution channels, is the basic work to be done by each company.

The CSAPC "Footprint Plan" campaign was officially launched in July 2013. It aims to enhance the professional level of lighting channel providers through the implementation of the “footprint plan”, effectively expand channel resources, and build a platform for communication among manufacturers, channel distributors, and terminal consumer groups, and establish a healthy, win-win, and perfect LED lighting industry. Channel management system.

CSA China (East China) LED Application Promotion Center strives to establish the “LED Lighting Channel Development Summit” as an industry event where LED people expand channels, integrate resources, and discover business opportunities.

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