Intelligent streetlight control system green lighting forerunner

Green street lighting is the integrated system design of artificial lighting and natural light lighting. Computer simulation software is an auxiliary design tool, and intelligent street light control system is the implementation means to create an energy-saving, comfortable, safe and economic road environment for the building.
The implementation of green lighting projects cannot be simply understood as providing energy-efficient lighting equipment. It should also have correct and reasonable lighting engineering design, including street lighting control equipment, street lighting and street lighting control systems. Through reasonable management, the automation of street lighting control is realized to save energy consumption and reduce operating costs. The technology of intelligent street lamp control system is constantly updated with the development of modern science and technology to realize diversified control modes.
The use of a street light control system can greatly reduce energy consumption and alleviate the power load during peak hours. There are many ways to control the intelligent street lamp system. From the control content, it usually includes automatic clock control, automatic illumination control, dynamic and static detection control, regional scene control, and manual remote control.
The intelligent street lamp control system converts the general lighting artificial opening and closing into intelligent management, which not only enables the street lamp manager to apply its high-quality management consciousness to the street lamp control system, but also greatly reduces the operation and maintenance of the street lamp. Costs and bring great return on investment.
In order to achieve the purpose of green lighting of street lamps, the engineers of street lighting control system put forward the comprehensive consideration of artificial lighting and natural light lighting. Through computer software simulation analysis, various influencing factors such as different seasons, different weather conditions and different time periods are considered. Outputting simulation results in a computer can aid, verify, and optimize the lighting integration design of the project.
The natural light and artificial lighting control system are systematically integrated and analyzed to obtain a reasonable lighting control strategy. For example, when the illumination provided by natural light meets the specification requirements, the control system automatically turns off or dims the artificial light source. Therefore, the design of computer software simulation and control system is the key to realize green lighting of street lamps. Through software simulation, we can get the natural light intensity under any meteorological conditions. According to the intensity and difference of natural light, we can choose the best arrangement of artificial lighting and induction controller. At the same time, the commissioning of the streetlight control system is also a prerequisite for the realization of the green lighting concept.
The street lamp intelligent control system currently developed and designed by the Internet realizes remote monitoring and energy-saving management of each lamp through the Internet, realizes single-lamp monitoring function, achieves single-lamp integration, and comprehensively and comprehensively illuminates the user lighting system from two aspects of management and energy saving. Management, lighting networking is the specific application of the Internet of Things in the municipal street lighting, landscape (glossy) lighting, building and factory lighting industry, is the organic combination of the Internet of Things and energy-saving industry! Is the inevitable trend of the development of the next generation of digital lighting! It is also the best platform for building an energy-efficient digital city!

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