Analysis of the causes of the quality and safety of LED light strings

According to the statistics of the European Union's Non-Food Consumer Products Rapid Alert System (RAPEX), in 2012, there were 43 cases of Chinese-made light string notifications, and from January to August this year, the number of notified products has reached 39, involving notifications. There are as many as 12 EU countries. Countries such as the United States and Canada have also issued notices on China's products on the grounds that there are safety hazards in the light string.

There are three main reasons for the quality and safety of the string:

1. The industry's low entry barriers lead to increased quality risks. Western countries such as Europe and the United States have a great demand for holiday string lights, and the string of lights is easily touched during the normal use of consumers, and the damage caused by accidents is extremely great. However, some production enterprises have weak technical strength and lack of perfect quality control system. The ability to respond to various foreign standards is very limited, which may cause deviations between product design requirements and actual application conditions. Once the product has not undergone necessary testing before export, There will be a large quality hazard.

2. Design defects become the main source of high quality of the string. From the briefing analysis, the main quality issues of the string include electric shock risk, fire and burn risk and structural defects. Among them, the safety distance and poor insulation performance have become the main quality problems, which are very likely to cause electric shock accidents. This also indicates that the internal structure of such products has serious defects, and quality hazards have been buried in the design process.

3. Health and environmental protection projects have become new risk points. Since the implementation of the RoHS Directive in 2005, the restricted substances have been increasing, the scope of the reviewed substances has been expanding, and various strict conditions have been continuously written into the new directives. At the same time, the EU requires each member country to update RoHS 2.0 to local law by January 2, 2013. In the 34th RAPEX notification this year, an LED string that was exported to Germany was rejected at the port due to the high lead content in the solder.

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