Phoenix PD35LED flashlight evaluation

Among the outdoor lighting enthusiasts, the FENIX brand has a high reputation. As a leading brand of domestic flashlights, Phoenix specializes in the development, manufacture and sales of outdoor sports lighting tools. The products cover flashlights, headlights, bicycle lights and other series. With innovative lighting technologies and solutions, Phoenix has continuously developed high performance and high performance. Reliability and perfect process LED lighting tools to meet the versatility and high standards of lighting tools for outdoor sports, and its main LED flashlight has also attracted the attention of many users.
In the fourth quarter of 2011, Phoenix introduced the PD32 flashlight. This LED flashlight equipped with the Cree XP-G (R5) has been sought after by the fans after the launch. Inheriting the traditional Phoenix PD32 flashlight with the tail forward switch and side-light dimming mode, completely get rid of The mediocre performance of the PD30.
After a year and a half, Phoenix launched an upgraded version of the PD32 flashlight - PD35 flashlight, this LED flashlight with Cree's latest XM-L2 is the protagonist of our evaluation today.
Official introduction to the PD35 flashlight
The maximum brightness of the PD35 is 850 lumens. The official slogan for this product is “smaller, brighter and more powerful!” The PD35 flashlight positioned as the PD series highlight EDC flashlight performs in actual use, the author is You bring the following product reviews.
The product is packaged in a color carton with a single-layer plastic case from Phoenix products. The front side can be seen directly, with the product model and main parameters. It can be seen that the product's nominal maximum output brightness is 850 lumens, the longest battery life is 140 hours, and the illumination distance is 185 meters, which is benefited from the use of the Cree XM-L2.
Phoenix PD35 flashlight package front
The back of the package describes the product's profile and features. The indicators for this flashlight in different gears are given in the list below. It is a pity that although it is made in China, there is no Chinese in the product packaging. The user manual in the package will provide Chinese instructions, but in terms of packaging, there are still some understanding problems for domestic users.
Phoenix PD35 flashlight back
After opening the packaging of the product, we found that the internal items are still very rich. In addition to the PD35 flashlight body, the package also provides a nylon flashlight, hand strap, Chinese and English manual, Chinese and English product warranty card, small promotional color page and product accessories (a rubber switch and two waterproof rubber band).
Phoenix PD35 flashlight package contents
The product manual is more detailed, and it also makes up for the lack of Chinese packaging. However, considering the font size of the instruction manual is very small, and few users will read the manual in detail, I still think it is better to add Chinese to the product packaging. Also beneficial to the use of different users.
The PD35 has a length of 139 mm, a diameter of 25.4 mm, and a battery-free weight of 87 grams. Although the official website is "pocket-size", the size is still larger than the small 18650 flashlight.
After holding the product in hand, you can find that the work of this flashlight is very solid, and the details are also handled in place. The surface of the flashlight adopts the military standard three-level hard anodizing (HAIII) process to enhance the wear resistance of the flashlight. Sex, the oxidation surface of the whole barrel is even and the hand feels good.
Phoenix PD35 flashlight fins and dimming button close-up
The flashlight's head has a flat design, and the head's attention to heat signs prompts the user to avoid burns during use. The three heat sink fins below are designed for better heat dissipation. The fins have 5 recesses to reduce the flash of the flashlight, but the actual effect is not ideal, anti-rolling still needs to hold the clip to complete.
Phoenix PD35 flashlight etched model close-up
Below the heat sink fins is a dimmer switch. The switch of the rubber material feels very good. The feedback feeling when pressing is also very good. The protrusion of the switch surface is not obvious. It is not convenient to find the position of the dimmer switch in actual use. I am afraid that it will be more difficult to identify with gloves. Below the dimmer switch is the etched product model "FENIX PD 35".
Phoenix PD35 flashlight tail close-up
The place where the flashlight is located is narrow, and a steel clamp is placed here. The user can place the flashlight clip in a suitable place as needed. In actual use, this holding clip is still very strong, and the strength is also very large, which can effectively prevent the flashlight from rolling. The tail of the flashlight is the lanyard hole and the switch. The lanyard hole is very large, and the hand rope can be conveniently installed. The tail switch adopts a design with a high bottom surface, which sacrifices the inverted mode while facilitating the wearing of the glove. The design is somewhat inconvenient when installing the hand strap.
After seeing the external work, we unscrewed the flashlight and went inside the flashlight to find out. The PD35 flashlight uses a common three-stage structure, which is the base, the barrel and the tail cap.
Phoenix PD35 flashlight centered on the LED

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