Cree Introduces XQ-E Photo Red LED Optimized for Plant Lighting

Cree (NASDAQ: CREE ) announced the launch of its new XLamp XQ-E Photo Red LED optimized for plant lighting , continuing to expand its portfolio of LED devices in this area.

XQ-E Photo Red LEDs offer excellent performance and provide wavelengths of light that promote plant growth. Compared with the closest peer products, the output is similar, and the size is only 1/3. XQ-E Photo Red LEDs expand the range of small-sized LED devices optimized for plant lighting, helping lighting manufacturers reduce lamp size and system cost.

For plant lighting, Cree has mainly developed XQ and XPLED device series. With the introduction of the new XQ-EPhotoRedLED product, it will be able to provide higher photosynthetic photon Flux (PPF), efficiency and reliability.

Both the Cree XQ and XPLED device families offer replacements for existing lighting technologies, significantly reducing power and providing similar spectral components. For example, a high ceiling light reference design using Cree White and Photo Red LEDs provides a higher average photosynthetic flux density PPFD compared to a 1000W double-ended high pressure sodium lamp HPS, while power is reduced by approximately half.

Rami Vardi, CEO of Spectrum King LED, said: "Crui LED devices can help us achieve full-spectrum LED plant growth lights that truly simulate natural sunlight. The high performance, high efficiency and high reliability of Cree LED devices bring us To achieve the lower system cost, longer life and lower power while maintaining the HPS illumination intensity of traditional high-pressure sodium lamps."

The Cree XQ-E Photo Red LED package measures only 1.6mm x 1.6mm and is capable of providing 660nm peak wavelength light of more than 6.4μmol/sec (micromol/sec) photosynthetic photon flux PPF, which is beneficial to plant growth. Cree White and Color LEDs provide full-spectrum light that simulates natural sunlight. Cree color LEDs include Green, Red, Photo Red, Far Red, Royal Blue, etc., which provide a higher photosynthetic flux PPF for the most suitable wavelengths for different stages of plant growth. The combination of a continuous package structure, package size and drive current makes it easy to adjust the spectral composition and illumination intensity at the luminaire level. Cree's new Photo Red LEDs, based on the optical symmetry of the proven XLamp XQ-E series and consistency across all color ranges, help lighting manufacturers improve color uniformity and streamline production processes.

Matt Vail, Chief Operating Officer of Local Roots, said: "The mission of our Local Roots is to improve global health by building better food systems. This means we need to be more and more responsible and at a reasonable cost. Fresh, delicious food. Cree's high-performance LED devices are versatile and optimized for plant growth, allowing us to control the spectrum and light intensity to accurately deliver the light they need for crops, resulting in better growth. , nutrition and quality. The high efficiency and long-term reliability of Cree LED devices will help us reduce the cost of plant growth and bring better food to more people."

Cree's new XQ-E Photo Red LED is now available for sample applications and can be mass-produced to standard delivery times.

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