The only TV live application on the smart TV! Xiaobian pro test HD fluency!

The so-called wood show Yu Lin, the wind will destroy it! Today, the smart TV market is developing rapidly and a variety of smart TV applications emerge one after another. As the most fundamental demand of the majority of TV viewers, TV live streaming software has also been constantly updated. In the past two years, with the compliance of Taijie's video and VST's all-in-one aggregation, what are some useful live TV applications on Smart TVs? The sofa net Xiao Bian this gives everyone recommended several:

The following TV live applications are tested by Xiaobian. Not only is the program complete, but also the HD is smooth, it can be described as a smart TV -

1. Weibo live

Wei Wei official website to download:

Wei Wei Live is an all-aggregation live broadcast software. It is very convenient and fast to use. It runs on smart TV boxes or smart TVs. The application comes with 300+ live channels, 24 hours of dedicated maintenance, with 7 days of domestic TV, TV online. Collection, P2P live broadcast protocol support, simple operation and complete functions, the elderly are easy to use, no need to download settings to use, compared to other software, Xiaowei live more simple and faster; and inherited user digital TV habits, up and down keys for Taiwan, Left and right buttons to switch the volume, you can also press the menu to set the left and right buttons to switch the source of smooth, start the boot settings.

2. HDP Live

HDP official website download:

Different from the new Wei Wei live broadcast, HDP live broadcast is the old live application of smart TV. For the UI design and operation experience of the network TV set-top box, more than 600 channels are updated daily (entering the live TV selection interface, press the left and right keys to switch the list), the remote control digital selection station, the speed change channel, multi-source automatic switching, multiple self- Defining the way of programming. The old brand is trustworthy!

3. TV cat video

TV cat video official website download:

TV cat video has just recently been updated to version 3.0. As an old-fashioned video application that is on par with HDP live streaming, TV cat video brings massive on-demand videos from major Internet video sites, as well as live broadcast channels of CCTV/TV/local stations and 7×24. Hours to look back.

4. TV Home 2.0

TV home 2.0 official website download:

The TV family is dedicated to building the clearest, smoothest and most stable TV broadcast software on the Android screen. The application has been completely free of charge, and the provided TV stations have synchronized high-definition live broadcasts covering most of CCTV and Weihai Video Channels. The application supports custom program sources, local TV stations, and live internet channels. The feature is that the program source is maintained by thousands of users and is always available. Stable and reliable program source.

5. Show control video

Xiu control video official website download:

Aggregate domestic mainstream websites with massive on-demand video resources and live broadcast resources, integrate the interactive information of Xfeifei voice, change channels for voice, on-demand voice, and voice control throughout. Follow your heart and say, that is to say, give you a different experience!

6. Toshiba Live

The official broadcast official website download:

Toshiba Live Streaming is a TV live application that is very popular among smart TV users. Its feature is clear and smooth! Responsiveness makes smart TVs almost as good as cable TV. It is also powerful, rich in live video resources, and high definition. Allowing you to enjoy the ultimate live video playback experience without leaving home is an essential application on your box and smart TV.

It should be noted that the Internet is also filled with many users have modified the smart TV live broadcast software, but in fact many applications contain malicious programs, in order to consider the safety and health of smart TV, Xiaobian suggest that you search directly in the sofa butler These live applications, all include!

If you encounter problems such as Caton while watching the live broadcast, although it may be a problem of live broadcast software, on the other hand, it may be caused by too much software installed on the TV or the box or too many junk files. Install the sofa butler, through the memory cleanup inside the toolbox and immediately clean up, one-click optimization every day, easy to watch TV is not a problem!

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