3,000 yuan file 55 inch 4K smart TV strong recommended! See how Xiaomi Cool opens

For the average consumer, the TV is a familiar and unfamiliar thing. It is familiar because we have been in contact with them from an early age and it is used almost every day. The strangeness is because with the reform and development of the television industry, the variety of television products on the market today is extremely difficult to select. Here, Xiao Bian will recommend several smart TV products with outstanding advantages, size suitable for mass families, resolution of 4K HD, and price of around 3,000 yuan, only for the needs of a friend's reference.

The main cost-effective - look still TV CANTV F55

In 2016, CANTV released the Chinese name “Looking at Shang” and launched the F55 Super TV, which is dedicated to providing smart TV users with better hardware devices and more and better looking TV content. 55-inch LG 4K TV screen can bring a better picture quality experience, 2GB of running memory can open more applications at the same time, especially for Android systems like running in the background, 2GB of running memory can bring a good user experience. 8G storage can be installed in the sofa butler TV application market more of your favorite video applications, plus a super chip to ensure the smooth running of the system, Bluetooth remote control can operate the TV 360 degrees, overall this TV is indeed A great choice.

In addition, CNTV has been regarded as the “Licensee” direction indicator of the Internet TV industry since its inception. According to reports, it has the background origins and qualifications of the “National Media”, “Broad Broadcasting Department” and “License Party”. The Global Intelligence Zhishang (CAN) brand also has built-in rich Tencent videos, including the latest Star Wars movie series, TV variety shows, hit TV dramas, and domestic cinema lineups. That is not only the video content with grace and very stable course. Since the main cost-effective, the price is closer to the people is natural, watching TV CANTV F55 price is only ¥ 2,699.

Rich Video Resources - LeTV's Third Generation Super TV X55

To say who in the television industry is the most content rich in video content, LeTV is definitely on the list. As we all know, music as eco-business companies, including LeTV, LeTV sports, formed a large video library as music. LeTV 3 X55 this product, using the Open Cell integrated body design, equipped with 55-inch IPS LCD 4K display, but also equipped with a quad-core 1.7 clock CPU, built-in 3GB memory, 16G flash memory, running Android 5.0. 1 system.

In terms of selling price, the 3X55 hardware price is 3699 yuan, and the one-year membership price is 3889 yuan.

High face value - millet TV 3 55 inch version

In these three TVs, the 55-inch version of the millet TV is relatively high value, the fuselage uses all-metal design, with a diamond-lined aluminum alloy frame, coupled with the current hottest thin design, the thinnest body At only 9.9mm, it can be said to be the value of the television industry. In addition, the millet TV 3 55-inch version uses a split design, its TV host is equivalent to audio + smart TV motherboard + millet box, TV host and screen through a "rice noodles" connection.

Price: Millet TV 3 55-inch version of the standard audio TV host price is 3999 yuan, split package version is 4999 yuan.

In general, the price of TV CANTV F55Â¥2699 is suitable for those who are pursuing cost-effectiveness, while the LeTV 3X55 is suitable for users who require a large amount of video content. The millet TV 55-inch version is naturally value-controlled. Preferred.

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