The strongest strategy: how to build a complete smart home system

I don't know what the ideal living room is like in everyone's mind? Is there a large-screen smart TV, beautiful wall decoration, warm lighting and panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows? Have you ever thought about making our living room more intelligent and keeping up with the footwork of this intelligent age? In fact, these can already be realized. In the era when smart homes gradually enter thousands of households, the living room can of course become smart. Today, I want to introduce you to a complete smart home system - smart living room.

The strongest strategy: how to build a complete smart home system

The smart living room is to add intelligent applications on the basis of the living room, such as smart TV, smart air conditioner, smart sound, etc., which are used in the living room to create a living room living environment integrating intelligence, convenience and comfort.

Smart air conditioner: easy and comfortable

What is a smart air conditioner?

Let's first understand what is a smart air conditioner. It mainly refers to the use of intelligent single-chip microcomputer to control the air conditioner. Even if no one operates, it can adjust from the current environment and temperature to avoid the humidity in the environment is too high, and the circuit is faulty. It has a self-protection function and will not be injured as a result. It also regulates air quality spontaneously when air quality is poor. Smart air conditioners can also be remotely controlled by computers, mobile phones, etc., and even networked, which is convenient.

The strongest strategy: how to build a complete smart home system

What is an inverter air conditioner?

Inverter air conditioners add a frequency converter to the structure of a conventional air conditioner. The compressor is the heart of the air conditioner, and its speed directly affects the efficiency of the air conditioner. The inverter is the control system used to control and adjust the speed of the compressor, so that it is always in the optimal speed state, thus improving the energy efficiency ratio (rather than the conventional one). Air conditioning energy saving is at least 30%).

Its basic structure and cooling principle are exactly the same as ordinary air conditioners. The main unit of the inverter air conditioner is automatically steplessly variable, which can automatically provide the required amount of cold (heat) according to the room condition; when the indoor temperature reaches the desired value, the air conditioner main unit operates at a constant speed that can accurately maintain this temperature. Achieve "no downtime" to ensure the stability of the ambient temperature.

The strongest strategy: how to build a complete smart home system

What is the difference between intelligent air conditioners and inverter air conditioners?

Both intelligent air conditioners and inverter air conditioners can automatically adjust the temperature of the air conditioner, so it is inevitable that many people will not be able to distinguish between the two. However, the temperature is changed from different principles, and the intelligent air conditioner has functions such as adjusting the humidity in the room and the degree of cleanness of the air in addition to the temperature adjustment.

What should people pay attention to when purchasing air conditioners?

The first very important point is the performance of air conditioners. Air conditioners should not only pay attention to the effect of refrigeration. After all, in the summer of the year, if there is only refrigeration, will the other air conditioners not be installed? Also pay attention to dehumidification, heating, air purification, humidification, etc., to see what performance of air conditioning, the more performance, the better.

After understanding the air conditioning performance, you need to know about the appearance, material, price, innovation, unique technology, etc. There is also energy efficiency. If the energy efficiency is higher, the power consumption will not be so strong. Make sure that the air conditioner you buy is not too Waste of electricity.

Summary: Air-conditioning has become an essential electrical appliance for every household. With the popularity of the smart home concept, in addition to the appearance and overall hair-drying experience, whether to achieve intelligent control is one of the factors considered by consumers. Intelligent air-conditioning, It means simplicity, freedom and comfort. With the development of technology in the future, the future air conditioner will turn to intelligence, making it more convenient for people to use air conditioners.

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