How to buy a millet box? Which box of millet worth buying?

Which is the best in the millet box? What are the current hot millet boxes? Xiao Bian summarizes three popular models to introduce products and help users select their own millet boxes according to their own needs. And for everyone to provide the most worry-free, labor-saving way to buy, attached to the advantages and disadvantages of each way introduced Oh!

Millet box three popular models

Millet box 3 enhanced version 399 yuan high-end 4K network set-top box.

Millet box 3299 yuan to upgrade the new 64-bit 4K network set-top box.

Millet box mini version 199 yuan full HD network set-top box.

Millet box 3 enhanced version: priced at 399 yuan.

Market positioning: high-end 4K network set-top box, standard millet Bluetooth voice somatosensory remote control!

Millet Box 3 Plus
The enhanced version of the millet box 3 uses fresh white, frosted clinker, and side hollow heat radiating grille. Although the enhanced version is no longer pursuing light and thin, the thickened body brings more powerful heat dissipation function, realizing large-scale 3D games. Play, 4K playback completely zero pressure!

Millet box 3 enhanced interface settings are relatively simple and practical, only with a USB interface 2, HDMI interface, power interface, although the interface settings are not very rich, but fully able to meet the needs of users!

Millet Box 3 enhanced version uses a 64-bit A72 architecture six-core processor, clocked at up to 2GHz, equipped with GPU Power VR GX6250, while standard 2G memory and 8GB high-speed flash memory, compared to the previous generation to double.

Millet Box 3 Plus
Millet Box 3 Plus has Xiaomi's $1 billion investment in the creation of a millet TV library, providing users with high-definition genuine on-demand resources such as massive TV dramas, popular variety shows, and animations to help users achieve an enjoyable viewing experience.

The millet box 3 enhanced version supports Miriam functions (supports Miracast, Airplay, DLNA, SMB, and WiDi) and enables multimedia resources on Xiaomi's mobile phones, iPhones, iPads, and computers to be projected onto TVs. Adaptable millet Bluetooth voice sensor remote control, support somatosensory games, voice search, voice control and other operations. Play voice search at home, large-screen somatosensory games, from voice to action, allowing you to change the way to communicate with the TV.

Millet Box 3: Price 299 yuan.

Market Positioning: Newly upgraded 64-bit, 4K network set-top box, standard millet Bluetooth voice somatosensory remote control!

Millet box 3
The millet box 3 is made of PC+ABS material, with black as the main color, matte process, rounded corners, streamline shape, body size is 101mm101mm19.5mm, weighs only 176.5g±1g, the body design is extremely compact There is a great beauty in the living room.

Millet Box 3 is equipped with Crystal S905 quad-core processor, which is a 64-bit A53 architecture, supports H.265 decoding, supports 4K video playback, and performance is also relatively good, it can be said is entirely for mainstream TV Box products are created. In addition to having such a strong heart, the millet box 3 also comes standard with 1G DDR3 memory and 4G eMMC5.0 high-speed storage.

Millet box 3
Millet Box 3 integrates with the central Galaxy Internet TV Broadcasting and Control Platform (GITV), and at the same time brings together the contents of the four major license parties, basically involving the latest and most complete film and television, entertainment videos and children's education content. Spend US$1 billion to build the millet television library, satellite TV, hot variety shows, movie theaters, animation, children's programs and other high-definition video resources, more than 90% free, and the content is increasing every day.

Millet Box 3 has a clever MIUI TV version TV system built in. The over 150 million MIUI users have witnessed their word of mouth. They are easy to use, thoughtful and thoughtful, making your TV not only look good, but also fun. Support a brand new video wall and operate the TV in a completely new way. Optional millet Bluetooth voice sense remote control to increase voice remote control and somatosensory game functions, while using the acclaimed cast screen artifact mobile phone with mobile phone, and can be connected with Xiaomi smart home products.

Millet box mini version: priced at 199 yuan.

Market positioning: Full HD network set-top box, won the 2015 Red Dot Award!

Millet box mini version
Millet box mini version uses a square plug stereo body design, the specific measurements are 46.8mm46.8mm38mm, weight is about 73g. There are black and white choices on the body color, the appearance of a white millet box mini version at the conference, the overall body with a white design, the bottom is bright orange.

Millet box mini version due to the compact size of the body is limited, although the interface design is to limit, the entire body only has a HDMI interface, power integrated into the body.

Millet box mini version MTK MT8685 quad-core Cortex-A7 architecture, 1.3GHz frequency processor, 1G memory and 4G flash memory, build Android 4.2 operating system.

Millet box mini version
Millet box mini version supports 1080P+H.265 hard solution standard, the highest support resolution is 1080P, the highest support hard solution standard is H.265. The H.265 intelligent hard solution standard compares to the current mainstream H.264 video encoding. Under the same picture quality, H.265 video encoding can greatly compress the video volume, which can save video storage space and broadband resources.

Millet box mini version in the shape design, with "small to incredible" as the highlight, claiming that the TV box can be placed in any corner, without having to specially prepare space for it! The overall appearance of the four-dimensional design, connected to the socket like a power plug size!

Millet box purchase method:

First, Xiaomi official website

Purchase address: http://

Advantages: official website fidelity! Official activities are affordable.

Disadvantages: The delivery period is within 3-14 days, slightly longer.

Xiaobian suggestions: If you want to reduce the worries of buying, millet official website is your first choice.

Second, Lynx Xiaomi flagship store

Purchase address:

Pros: The only flagship store designated by the official website, fidelity.

Disadvantages: Customer service is not as clear as the official website.

Xiao Bian suggestions: Tmall flagship store on the delivery and delivery of different time, activities are not synchronized. Before shopping, you can compare with official website activities.

Third, Jingdong Mall self-operated shop

Purchase address:

Advantages: timely delivery, delivered the next day! Wide distribution area.

Disadvantages: lack of artificial customer service, only robot customer service.

Xiaobian suggestions: If you want to take the millet box home as soon as possible, you can give priority to Jingdong self-operated shop.

Fourth, Suning Tesco self-operated shop

Purchase address:

Advantages: timely delivery, delivered the next day! Wide distribution area, can be paid in installments.

Disadvantages: Absence of product categories.

Xiao Bian suggestions: If you want to buy enough funds, you want to pay instalments, you can consider Suning.

The above is a summary of the purchase methods that Xiao Bian has done for you. There are four ways and different models. There is always one for you!

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