What is "smart lighting"?

A lighting system, or even a light bulb, what is "smart"? First of all, it needs to be networked, and the built-in wireless receiving device of the light bulb can be remotely regulated through the system and the smart phone. The bulb needs 16 million hair colors, which change color with time, climate, and even the rhythm of music. In addition, its power control and life needs to be good enough, otherwise there is no way to seduce users who still use traditional light bulbs.

No, no, these features are not enough, and sometimes it will make people feel a lot more, why should I let a light bulb emit so many colors? Just to show "smart" and show, it is not really smart.

The more grounded application scenario requires more NB product managers to figure out why I need a smart light bulb, what do I have to do with him, and brainstorm with the head of the room? See if you can come up with any good ideas? I am really fed up with 16 million colors as a gimmick, ask yourself to distinguish between several colors? The white balance of the human eye is powerful, and the tolerance for color is too great without reference.

Start to lift the chest:

1 As the shadow follows. The light bulb can automatically sense the brightness of the room, and can track where you are. The light is always on automatically when only the person is there. Of course, if you like the entire bright room, you can also turn off this feature from your phone.

2 Baby, don't be afraid. This is the gospel of a baby family. Sometimes the baby will suddenly wake up at night and be scared by the surrounding dark environment. At this time, the light bulb can light up for the first time and provide gentle light to ease the baby's mood.

3 Weather forecast. Wake up every morning. Maybe the first thing will be to check out today's weather forecast, and then prepare to wear what to wear. It may be possible to bind the bulb to the phone alarm and then emit a different light color based on the weather forecast. For example, 2700K, indicating that the weather is hot today; the blue color indicates what is snowing outside, of course, the meaning of each color is set by yourself.

4 Crazy killing. As a DOTA enthusiast, how can you get the bulb out of the core business? You must combine the light with the game. When you complete the ultra kill, the bulb will also flash wildly, so that you can really feel the violent The atmosphere, adrenaline soaring, then you are killed by the tower.

In fact, these single hardware is not difficult, the most difficult is who can get the hardware ecosystem like IOS or android, provide common standards, protocols and interfaces, who can make this platform first?

The imagination space is huge. In short, it is necessary to be grounded, to be practical, to improve life. After all, that is the spirit of the Internet of Things. In 2014, the hardware will be ushered in, and everyone is ready? Having said that, I just want to draw it out. Under the wave of intelligent hardware, smart lighting can definitely be a leader.

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