The development of LCD splicing is advancing rapidly with innovative technology

Due to the rapid development of LCD splicing screens in various industry fields, its application fields are wider and more popular. The application field of LCD splicing screen also breaks through the limitations of high-end applications and diversifies across many industries such as entertainment, security, broadcasting, advertising, etc. The application environment of LCD splicing has also moved from indoor to outdoor, providing more Broad stage.

Smart city policy supports the golden period of LCD splicing development

With the strong support of relevant policies, the development of integrated security projects represented by smart cities is in full swing, and the market scale is expanding rapidly. Relevant statistics show that the global smart city industry will reach tens of billions in the next 20 years. LCD splicing products, as an indispensable display terminal in this integrated security project, with this "dongfeng", ushered in the golden period of the development of the security industry.

In actual operation, in order to meet diversified application requirements, smart city projects cover a wide range of functions such as monitoring, command and dispatch, and conference holding. Therefore, at the final level, multi-screen display and split-screen display have become rigid requirements. This directly establishes the unique status of large-screen splicing products. For now, the construction of smart cities is still in its infancy, with most conceptual components. As a more mature part of its development, Safe City has naturally become the touchstone of many large-screen display manufacturers, and LCD splicing manufacturers are undoubtedly the most active force. With the advantages of low cost, long life and convenient installation, LCD splicing products have become the most popular display terminal for the Safe City project.

Some insiders said that for the LCD splicing market, the application of large-scale security projects represented by safe cities will not only drive the growth of the application scale market, but also become a weapon to break the homogeneity of the industry, because, The overall architecture of these large-scale projects is complicated, and the focus of different users will be different. If you want to achieve the lowest cost and the best application effect, you need a customized solution. This also means that standardized hardware has become a "universal" supporting role, and solutions that include more subjective awareness have become a key element, implementing the differentiated development of manufacturers, and are more conducive to the long-term development of the entire industry.

At the same time, with the increasing transparency of LCD hardware product prices, the main solution will undoubtedly give LCD splicing manufacturers more flexible pricing power. In 2013, the increasing operating costs and operating costs of the large-screen industry have become an indisputable fact, and the opposite is that as the technology matures, the price of LCD splicing products is gradually lowering, and the price is priceless. This is not in the long-term development interest of the enterprise. The solution is different, in addition to the larger pricing space, it is also linked to after-sales service, and can obtain further benefits through customer update needs.

The development of LCD splicing is advancing rapidly with innovative technology

The LCD splicing screen has become an increasingly important part of the security monitoring system. With the continuous progress of the LCD splicing technology, its application will become more and more popular, the technology content will be higher and higher, and the functions will be more comprehensive and powerful . After rapid development in recent years, the LCD splicing screen has achieved a series of technological innovations such as ultra-thin LED, ultra-narrow edge, arbitrary splicing, and multi-layer roaming. At present, the largest LCD splicing unit on the market can reach 60 inches, and the volume Small and light weight, easy and fast installation.

The rapid development of LCD splicing screens in various industries, its application fields are more extensive and more popular. Selecting LCD splicing wall products has become an ideal choice for large-screen display devices in various industries. As a high-end product in the large-screen display market, the spliced ​​large screen provides a perfect solution for security monitoring in various fields such as traffic safety, energy, power, etc., and meets the needs of multiple industries and fields to display and monitor images. Application requirements. From the perspective of long-term development of security monitoring, the functions of digital security monitoring, dispatch automation, information resource integration and central control management of LCD splicing screens also provide a new development path for security monitoring.

The function of the LCD splicing wall system is becoming more and more powerful. The LCD splicing screen can realize multi-shape, multi-angle, multi-functional three-dimensional splicing. In the development of LCD splicing large screens, the future will pay more attention to the richness and clarity of the display content. The clarity of the large-screen display content will also greatly affect customer satisfaction. With the increasing complexity of data and video content in the application of large-screen splicing system, how to make the spliced ​​system picture more complete and perfect will become the pursuit goal of the large-screen splicing industry in the future.

In the future, the LCD splicing wall will be able to be networked, and its functions will be further enhanced. It can not only display the terminal, but also add some practical functions to achieve added value. The most important thing is to achieve consumerization of the family. At present, security products are not only used in public places and commercial fields, more and more families are gradually adopting security products to protect their private places. Therefore, security requires not only industrial products, but also consumer products to make the big screen The spliced ​​display gradually entered the middle and low end from the high end.

LCD splicing enterprises can develop for a long time by establishing their own brands

With the popularization of national intelligence, the large-screen market is developing more and more rapidly; in the face of the opportunities and challenges of the large-screen splicing market, brands and channels are the key to the success of large-screen splicing enterprises. A professional image and strengthening cooperation channels to cultivate the market can seize the opportunities in the fierce competition environment and achieve long-term development. The application of LCD splicing products is becoming more and more extensive, and various potential market demands have gradually released their application markets and penetrated into various fields. As we all know, the core technology of LCD splicing is still in the hands of Samsung, LG, Sharp and other international giants. Therefore, LCD splicing screen products in the domestic market are seriously homogenized. LCD splicing companies face serious market homogeneity of splicing products in the market. When there is no obvious special advantage for splicing products, price competition is only one of the means, and the enterprise's own brand value can enable the enterprise to develop more healthily in the competition. Because the entry threshold of the LCD splicing market is extremely low, the strength of manufacturers in the market is uneven, and monitoring and scheduling display products have extremely high requirements for product stability, safety, and reliable performance; users are usually the best choice for the brand of the company. Trusted brand. At this time, the enterprise exerts intangible value in the market through the brand to attract customers for the enterprise, so that the company can develop in a virtuous circle.

Of course, there are also some production enterprises with a single product, the target market is not clear, and the general trend of survival and development of the industry is in the short term, but the core competitive advantage that cannot be formed from long-term development is difficult to cope with fierce competition in the future. The splicing manufacturers want to base on long-term development, relying on the R & D of the company's own technology and perfect systemized services.

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