On the moisture-proof treatment of car audio system

In summer, the temperature rises and the rainy season also comes. Car audio is prone to failure in harsh environments. However, some failures are caused by improper use and can be avoided.

1. Tape failure: The car is parked outdoors in summer. Some car owners place the tape on the instrument panel. Since the tape's shell is made of chemical materials, the temperature will be deformed when the temperature is too high, and a tape phenomenon will occur when placed in the machine. Excessive temperature will also make the tape core soft and tacky, which may cause tape failure. First, check the tightness of the tape used. If it is loose, use a finger or a pencil to tighten it. If it is tight, use it to quickly pull the tape back to relax it. If the directory label on the tape is lifted, it must be pasted or torn off, otherwise there will be no tape failure. When the tape is not used for a long time or is shut down, it is best to eject the tape. After some semi-logic movement tapes are placed, the pressure roller will press the tape, which will cause the pressure roller to deform for a long time.

2. CD failure: Due to the excessively high temperature of sunlight during parking, sometimes it will not work when using the CD player. This is normal, and the over-temperature protection circuit works. The humidity increases during the rainy season, and there is often a layer of mist on the surface of the CD record, which will cause difficulty in reading the disc. It is best to scrub it every once in a while. In order to avoid moisture when installing the CD drive, do not install it under the floor and seat. It is best to install it at a high place in the car body, but not at the rear windshield. Excessive temperature will accelerate the aging of electronic components and laser heads. ? (Warm reminder to pay attention to eyesight)

The factors that affect the normal operation of car audio in summer are high temperature and humidity. Because car stereos are mostly installed on the upper part of the instrument panel, in order to avoid the sunlight, it is better to use the sun visor. If the door and window sealing strips are not strict, they should be replaced, otherwise the speakers are easily corroded and damaged, and even cause a short circuit to burn the host.

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