Apple was almost awarded a patent fee of $2.15 billion.

IPCom's patent came from Bosch, Germany, a few years ago, and then went through a patent infringement lawsuit to "blackmail" the industry's mobile phone makers. It raised a total of 1.57 billion euros (about $2.15 billion) in claims against Apple.

According to the patent website FOSSPatents, the German patent company IPCom sued Apple's patent infringement case was rejected by the judge in the German district court in Mannheim this Friday. The court ruled that Apple did not infringe IPCOM's patent.

IPCom previously filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, accusing Apple of violating its two patents. It also filed a total of 1.57 billion euros (about 2.15 billion US dollars) in claims against Apple.

The judges of the Mannheim District Court did not explain in detail the basis for their decision.

The above ruling of the Mannheim District Court is undoubtedly a major blow to IPCom. A few years ago, when the German auto parts manufacturer Bosch Group withdrew from the car phone market, IPCom acquired a large number of wireless patents owned by Bosch, and then went through a patent infringement lawsuit to "blackmail" the industry's mobile phone manufacturers.

In addition to Apple, IPCom has sued or is suing the technology companies including HTC, Nokia (Microsoft is Microsoft after the acquisition of its wireless device business), Ericsson, Vodafone and so on. The results of this ruling also gave Apple and other smartphone makers a reassurance.

So far, only a handful of companies such as Deutsche Telekom and IPCom have reached a settlement, and most of the companies being sued seem to have no intention of reconciling with IPCom. Therefore, patent litigation between IPCom and these companies may continue for a long time.

A representative of IPCom said that the company will appeal the decision of the Mannheim District Court. The Mannheim District Court also dismissed another similar lawsuit. The plaintiff of the case was also IPCom, and the defendant was Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC.

Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Google and other companies this week sent an open letter to EU policymakers reminding them of the increasingly important issue that the Patent Claims Entity (PAE) has caused in Europe. Some industry insiders believe that the arbitral procedure rules of the future Uniform Patent Court (UPC) in Europe need to be further improved.

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