Texas Instruments builds an IoT cloud ecosystem to help manufacturers achieve more connectivity

Beijing, April 14, 2014 – Texas Instruments (TI) announced the establishment of a third-party IoT cloud service provider ecosystem that will help manufacturers using TI technology to more easily connect to the Internet of Things. The first members of the ecosystem include 2lemetry, ARM, Arrayent, Exosite, IBM, LogMeIn, Spark, and Thingsquare. Each member provides cloud service support for one or more wireless connectivity, microcontroller (MCU) and processor solutions from TI that span a wide range of IoT applications including industrial, home automation, healthcare and automotive and many more. For more information on IoT cloud ecosystem members and their products, please visit the TI website.

About TI Cloud Ecosystem

Manufacturers need proven software and hardware and simple ways to connect to the cloud, manage services, and seize the evolving opportunities in the IoT market. The Cloud Ecosystem helps TI's customers find the best cloud service providers to meet their diverse needs and leverage TI's IoT solutions.

TI IoT Cloud ecosystem members provide services that meet the growing IoT market needs, including data integration in business processes, data analytics, customizable user portals, smartphone applications, and multiple wireless technologies Compatibility and so on. The TI IoT Cloud Ecosystem is open to suppliers of TI-based IoT solutions for a variety of value-added services. If you are interested in joining the IoT cloud ecosystem, please contact us.

Statement by members of the TI IoT Cloud Ecosystem

Klele Roche, CEO of 2lemetry, said: “We are delighted to be part of TI's IoT cloud ecosystem and look forward to playing an important role in helping customers achieve innovation through TI's IoT solutions. By using the 2lemetryThingFabricIoT platform, we want to help TI customers. Accelerate the launch of their IoT solutions and quickly connect and expand their connected product networks."

Adam Gould, vice president of the ARM IoT business unit, said: "Every employee of ARM believes that the Internet of Things will change all business models on the planet. TI cloud ecosystem can combine billions of gateways and sensors with ARM® SensinodeTM software. Connecting to the cloud platform will accelerate this change."

Arrayent Vice President of Marketing Abid Hussain said: "Arrayent is pleased to be a member of TI's IoT cloud ecosystem. TI's chip and software solutions are an important part of shaping Arrayent's complete and leading IoT platform. Our close collaboration traces back By 2007, when Mattel introduced the industry's first IoT products, we hope to help customers accelerate the creation of compelling connected consumer products."

Exosite CTO MarkBenson said: "Exosite® enterprise-ready scalable cloud services, event processing engine, open business system integration platform, device and data market tools, and easy connectivity to TI hardware help to build quickly and easily. World-class interconnected products. We are proud to be a member of TI's cloud ecosystem."

Michael Curry, vice president of IBM WebSphere software, said: "IBM is helping customers develop the potential to connect people, places and objects. IBM and TI are committed to this rapidly growing field of geography, working with TI to expand our cloud-based Networking services are a natural extension of the efforts of the two companies in this regard.

Mario Finocchiaro, Director of Xively Business Development at LogMeIn, said: "We believe that the true value of the Internet of Things is to help companies change the way they do business. You can take advantage of the information you get through the Internet, data processing equipment, turn on optimized operations, increase revenue and let customers A new opportunity for satisfaction. We are pleased to join the TI Cloud Ecosystem. By integrating TI products with Xively's IoT platform and business services, we are convinced that we can help companies quickly turn their IoT vision into reality. The required hardware and software and expertise."

Spark CEO Zach Supalla said: "Spark Cloud and TI hardware are fully integrated from prototyping to production. We are very pleased to formally become part of TI's IoT cloud ecosystem and look forward to providing comprehensive and comprehensive solutions for a large number of companies. The solution to help their products go online."

Thingsquare CEO and co-founder Adam Dunkels said: "Thingsquare's IoT cloud connects a variety of wireless devices to smartphone applications. TI's wireless chips offer our customers a wealth of options to help them use Thingsquare open source firmware. Achieve high reliability and low power consumption."

TI makes more connections for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is rapidly evolving. By 2020, the number of connected devices is expected to reach 50 billion. The invisible smart technology provided will meet your needs. TI offers the industry's broadest range of wired and wireless connectivity technologies, microcontrollers, processors, sensors, analog signal chains, and power solutions to deliver cloud-ready system solutions for ubiquitous IoT access. From high-performance home, industrial and automotive applications to battery-powered wearable and portable electronic devices or energy harvesting wireless sensor nodes, TI hardware, software, tools and support help simplify development and enable everything to connect in the Internet of Things. .

About Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (TI) is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company focused on analog IC and embedded processor development. TI has the world's top talent, innovation and shaping the future of the technology industry. Today, TI is working with more than 100,000 customers to build a better future.

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