The absence of Li Zaisheng did not affect Samsung Electronics or successful acquisition of Harman

【Global Internet Reporter Zhang Zhiying】 Although Samsung Li is currently absent from the leadership position, Samsung Electronics has heard good news that it has officially acquired Harman, the world's largest electronic equipment manufacturer. At the same time, it is also a famous American automobile. Parts supplier.

Caption: On the right is Harman CEO Dinesh Paliwal, and on the left is Sun Yingquan, president and president of Samsung's Device Solutions Division.

On February 17, US time, at the meeting in Stanford, Harman’s shareholders agreed to the merger with Samsung Electronics. Samsung Electronics plans to accept the consent of the local government and accelerate the transaction before the third quarter of 2017.

Earlier, some Harman shareholders initiated a class action lawsuit. The complaint did not seek a better sale price. This is also why some market experts expect this merger to meet many challenges. At the same time, it is more worried that Li Zaiyu’s case of being arrested for bribery will affect the results of the merger, but it does not seem to have any effect now. Therefore, after Samsung Electronics led the crisis brought about by the vacuum, it is still finally relieved.

According to the SEC agency's supervisory document for Harman, 79.5 million common stocks in 70.8% or 69.9 million shares were voted in. The final result shows that 47 million shares support trading and 2.1 million shares oppose. Under the current law, when most shareholders vote in favor, the shareholders who oppose the merger need to sell their shares. Samsung will pay $8 billion to Harman, which will be the largest overseas merger and acquisition transaction in Korea's history.

This merger still needs to wait for the final approval of the antitrust authorities of the United States, Europe, China, and South Korea. In Europe and China, some specific antitrust restrictions will be required by government agencies to exchange the right to agree on transactions because both countries are the main markets for Harman products. The anti-monopoly law is applied when there is a monopoly, or when the acquisition of monopoly power between a company and a specific business and product occurs through mergers and acquisitions; Samsung Electronics is a new starter in the automotive electronics field. Even if it is merged with Harman, it is now predicted. It will be too early for Samsung to dominate the market. Harman will be Samsung's subsidiary after the merger, and the management will remain unchanged.

The acquisition of Harman by Samsung Electronics exacerbated Japan’s concern about the backwardness of its domestic auto and auto parts makers in the automotive technology competition. When asked about Samsung’s aforementioned transaction, Japan’s Minister of Economy, Industry and Trade, Shigeno Hiroshi, said that this is a very fast-changing industry. Multiple coalitions are forming in various industries and Japan needs to develop a clear strategy to develop automotive technology.

Before the media commented that Japan's previous response to the technical changes to change the industry landscape has been poor. For example, the country’s mobile phone manufacturing company was once the industry leader, but Apple’s iPhone gave a fatal blow to Japanese mobile phone makers who were slow to take a step in the smart phone business and eventually struggled. Although Japan’s chip makers are still strong in some areas, it is difficult to reproduce the situation that ruled the world 25 years ago.

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