Pass iPhone 8 to use curved frameless design 5.8-inch version with OLED screen

Tencent Digital (Shuilan) has been rumored about the next generation of iPhone's external design and touch screen size. After Japanese media disclosed that the next generation of iPhone or 5-inch screen version of the report was released, analysts at Barclays Bank of the United Kingdom cited it again. Supply chain news that the next generation of iPhone touch screen size will increase to 5 inches and 5.8 inches, and will be equipped with curved display and OLED panel, but due to the use of non-border design, even if the size of the touch screen increases Under the circumstances, the body size of the two new aircraft is still closer to the current 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch iPhone.

Touchscreen becomes bigger

According to sources quoted by analysts at Barclays Bank of the United Kingdom, the next-generation iPhone will increase its touchscreen size to 5 inches and 5.8 inches, and will use curved and borderless designs. However, as the border of the new model has become narrower, the size of the new touchscreens that are being added to the two touch screens is still about the size of the current 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch iPhone.

In addition, the analyst also disclosed that only the 5.8-inch next-generation iPhone will use OLED display, compared to Apple's LCD display that has been used for many years, and the screen of the OLED loaded by the next-generation iPhone will become clearer. Brighter, but also more power.

Samsung and LG supply

However, it is still too early to release iPhones from the next generation. In addition, Apple has always had the habit of testing multiple programs, so the touch screen size of the next generation of iPhones for this exposure cannot be 100% determined. However, according to Barclays analysts, the trend for Apple products in the future is greater touch screen size and curved screen design.

At the same time, Apple's adoption of the OLED panel in the legendary 5.8-inch version may be limited by supply restrictions. Currently, the main suppliers of OLED panels for the next generation of iPhoen are more commonly known as Samsung and LG, and Foxconn’s Sharp may not become an OLED supplier until 2018. Prior to this, JP Morgan Chase found from Apple’s documents submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that the order amount for Apple’s purchase of display screens was as high as US$4 billion, and it was possible to order OLED panels from Samsung for use in the next generation. iPhone assembly requirements.

Support wireless charging

Therefore, judging from the information passed by many news channels in the industry, it will be almost certain that the next generation of iPhones will use OLED displays. However, there may be variables in the specific configuration. If Apple does have three new generations of iPhones next year, then the new 5-inch and 5.5-inch (5.8-inch) OLED display and glass body are more likely to be designed, while the 4.7-inch version is still rumored. Continue to use the LCD display and metal housing.

In addition, as the next generation of iPhones has changed to a glass body, it has also made it possible to support wireless charging. According to foreign media, the next-generation iPhone wireless charging technology will have new technologies for wireless charging. Specifically, Apple’s major customer Dialog Semiconductor in the power chip added an investment of ten million US dollars to Energous, a company that specializes in wireless charging. Therefore, the analysis of this investment may be related to the wireless charging technology and is expected to be applied. To the next generation of iPhone.

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