[Pristine] Bot Framework Complete Guide: Define your chat bot

This year, chat robots have attracted much attention. Technology giants such as Facebook and Microsoft have released the Bot framework on a large scale to mass-produce chat bots. More than 11,000 chat bots have been developed on Facebook Messenger, and nearly 23,000 developers have signed up for the Facebook bot engine

(Facebook Bot Engine). In addition, a large number of startups have their own development frameworks and functional products. Smaller communication platforms, such as Telegram and Slack, also launched "Bot Stores" and set up funds to attract developers.

What is the Bot framework?

To explain briefly, the Bot framework is used to make robots and define their behavior. As a chat bot developer , developing and targeting so many communication platforms and chat bots to develop SDKs often feel overwhelmed. The Bot development framework is a software framework that abstracts the human content of the chat bot development process.

However, while many Bot development frameworks claim that "code can be deployed anywhere, once written," you are likely to develop a separate chat bot for each of your target communication platforms. The Bot development framework includes the Robot Builder SDK (Bot Builder SDK), the Bot Connector, the Developer Portal, the Bot Directory, and a simulator for testing developed robots. In addition, the Bot framework is not suitable for beginners to learn chat robot development.

What is the difference between a robot frame and a robot platform?

The Bot Framework (Bot Framework) is sometimes erroneously common to the Bot platform ("Bot Platform"). When developing an application, the role of the Bot platform is to provide the ability to deploy and run applications. The role of the Bot framework is to develop and bind various components to the application. The Bot platform is an online ecosystem in which chat bots can be deployed and interact with users to perform operations on behalf of users, including interacting with other platforms.

The Bot development framework is a set of predefined functions and classes that developers use to speed development, a set of tools that will make you faster and better coded. To put it simply, beginners or non-technical users can use the Bot platform to develop robots that don't need to write code, while the Bot development framework is built by developers and code farmers from scratch using programming languages.

For example, the Bot platform Motion. Ai allows users to quickly create powerful robots without coding. The reason is Motion. Ai provides a toolkit for creating chat bots that allow robots to connect to APIs and deploy to any available communication platform.

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