Gloves with LED fingertips don't need an extra flashlight this time

[Abstract] In fact, in addition to using T2 Glove Light as a tool glove for maintenance work, you can also wear them to run at night and go out to play. It is also very good.

Although Tencent's digital (Human) now speaks of the flashlight most of the time, it is a bit of a nuisance. However, I have to say that the flashlight is still an indispensable "electricity" for homework and travel.

However, sometimes there are some inconveniences in using the flashlight.

For example, when it is necessary to operate with both hands, it is no longer possible to free a hand to hold the flashlight; or to go out at night, there is no way to hold the torch in the hand to provide illumination.

Ever since, a pair of built-in LED fingertip lights, ultra-portable, convenient and practical gloves came out. This glove called T2 Glove Light combines a flashlight with gloves to free up your hands and bid farewell to the flashlight! ! !

In fact, this pair of T2 Glove Light has nothing special from the appearance point of view, and there is not much difference with the normal wide working gloves.

However, when T2 Glove Light's fingertips light up, it is really bright.

There is a switch button on the back of the T2 Glove Light, and the built-in LED fingertip light can be turned on by pressing a button when needed.

Have to say, T2 Glove Light's R & D team is very considerate. Not only built-in LED lights at the tip of the finger, the palm is also equipped with LED bulbs.

And, more intimate is that the switch button can control five fingertip lights and a palm light, respectively.

Let them be bright and bright at the same time, and the lighting is whatever you want.

This pair of T2 Glove Light gloves can be charged via the USB Cable and can be used continuously for 2.5 hours after full charge.

In fact, in addition to using T2 Glove Light as a tool glove for maintenance work, you can also wear them to run at night and go out to play. It is also very good.

At present, this pair of T2 Glove Light has begun to raise funds, and the crowdfunding goal is $100,000. The price of the Super Early Bird is 35 US dollars (approximately RMB), and it is expected that it will begin shipping in July this year.

With this LED glove, not only can you be a good helper for your work, but also can protect your safety at night. It is really the best of both worlds.

Source: kickstarter

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