Where is the focus of plant lighting on the commercialization of big cities?

As an artificial light source for plant growth, the development of LED plant lighting is closely related to the commercialization of plant factories. In recent years, thanks to the accelerated commercialization of plant factories, domestic LED plant lighting has developed rapidly. In this year's Guangya Exhibition and Double Creation Week, the concept products of “Plant Factory +” appeared and received the attention of the majority of exhibitors.

Even so, the development of domestic plant lighting is still relatively slow. Only a few of them are famous, such as Hongli, Qinshang and Guangmingyuan. At the moment, where is the pain of commercialization of plant lighting? What are the opportunities and what are the market challenges? Perhaps the biggest application of LED plant lighting - the development of plant factories can give an answer.

Plant factory focuses on big cities

Today, plant lighting is widely used in plant plants, plant landscapes and breeding lighting, and the most important market today is the plant factory. In plant factories, everything grows by light. Only need to understand the needs of some plants for water, light and fertilizer, you can customize the growing conditions and break its regional and seasonal restrictions.

At present, plant factories are mainly used to grow two types of crops: one is the mass production of leafy vegetables, such as sage, coriander, pakchoi, lettuce and other plants; the second is the planting of Dendrobium candidum, ginseng, burdock, and golden lotus Such high-value Chinese herbal medicines can cultivate seasonal crops with harsh growth conditions through specific LED spectrum and control systems.

Light intervention can quickly accelerate the growth of plants, shortening the 30-day cycle of lettuce from planting to harvesting to 18 days, and the quality does not lose natural growth. It is the advantage of the high yield of plant factories. American scientists plan to build plant factory skyscrapers. This plant factory building can meet the food consumption of millions of people with only five buildings.

In theory, as a new type of agricultural model, plant factories can supply vegetables in most places, but the high cost makes it only focus on attacking large cities with dense populations. On the one hand, due to the imbalance of economic development, the population of large cities has increased sharply, the supply of vegetables has increased, while the resources of arable land have been decreasing, and the supply and demand have been constantly unbalanced. On the other hand, with the increasing pollution of cities, the food safety of urban residents The awareness is stronger and more and more inclined to buy organic food. The emergence of plant factories can well meet the needs of urban residents to pay for healthy ingredients.

Because in addition to high yields, plant factories also have the advantage of safe production. Plant factories are modern agricultural sustainable production systems that are built using high technology. In this production system, multi-layer soilless cultivation of plants is achieved, cutting off contact between plants and outdoor air and heavy metals in the soil; planting equipment using antimicrobial materials, using sterilized plant seeds, passing light quality and light quantity Adjustment, improve the nutrition and taste of vegetables; use physical agriculture technology instead of agricultural insecticidal sterilization, so that plant quality can reach organic quality or even higher standards.

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