Aoyang Shunchang: LED epitaxial wafer and chip equipment are fully produced

On October 16th, Aoyang Shunchang (002245) said on Thursday that the company's LED epitaxial wafers and chips have been put into production, and the capacity utilization rate is good.

Aoyang Shunchang is principally engaged in the processing of metal materials, LED business and micro-credit business.

Product description



1. Flexible and bendable

2. Super thin

3. Supe small weight

4. Easy to assemble, install and maintain

5. Display: shows the small spacing, viewing distance closer; the country star gold and copper support high quality surface mount lamp, horizontal and vertical angle of 130 degrees, light mixing uniformity, color matching degree is high, good consistency, clearer display true, fully meet the needs of outdoor display;


6. Energy consumption: a positive response to the national policy of energy saving by 4.5, switching power supply, power consumption can save 10%;


7. Structure: the bottom shell adopts the reinforcing rib design of quasi construction engineering mechanics, enhance the bearing tensile ability of products and improve the overall smoothness of the mask; the calculation precision with stripe design, greatly reducing the environmental problems due to light reflection on the interference caused by the lamp light, ensure contrast products in a variety of ambient light the degree is the best, the whole screen is more black ink, better contrast, more realistic image color reduction.


8. Circuit: high performance "wig" program for PCB layout design, can effectively control the voltage peak overshoot, the maximum extension of the tube, chips and other components of the life; with power supply, general signal interface, not affected by any geographical and environment control system and other factors, for to be able to easily display various types of connection and installation and operation.


9. Protection: the positive use of special conductive silicone encapsulant, on the back of three spraying paint protection, double waterproof protection, making the product more weatherability, heat faster; the drainage hole of the unique design, reduce the water causes damage to the module module due to defects of steel structure, improve the module of self-protection, further to protect the life of display screen.



10. Use: compared to outdoor full color products, outdoor SMD S series products lighter, for maintenance, assembly, transport and later brought convenient and time-saving.

Flexible Curtain Style Arc LED Display

Flexible Curtain Style Arc Led Display

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