Apple 6 Sword: The mobile phone is also "made"

Today, for "fruit powder" distributed all over the world, it is undoubtedly a carnival holiday. The opening of Apple's new 6 conference means that the 7th generation of Apple's mobile phone was officially launched one year later, especially Apple's mobile phone. The first 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch large-screen mobile phones also made it possible for people who have been “voicing” the largest screen of Apple’s mobile phones to only have 4 inches.

Prior to the advent of Apple 6, many colorful spy photos of Apple’s 6 mobile phones and various new features of Apple’s 6 mobile phones have been reported on the Internet. For this marketing approach, global mobile phone consumers have long been It is not strange. However, as Apple has once opened up a new smart phone, Apple 6's late arrival, contains many unspeakable stuff.

From 2007 to 2012, Apple has launched six generations of representative mobile phones, especially the touch screen of the first generation of Apple mobile phones, which has exclaimed the global mobile phone industry: mobile phones can also be created. Because of this, each new release of Apple's mobile phone will trigger the rush of global "fruit powder." Relative to the past, the rapid development of the new Apple mobile phone manufacturing speed, the new Apple 6 mobile phone development speed can be regarded as much slower.

It is no wonder that in recent years, the smart phone market has become more and more competitive, especially with the introduction of an open Android operating system. This makes the Apple iOS operating system, which looks beautiful and powerful, but it’s a bit of a muscle, face Android phones. Great challenge. In the high-end market, Samsung's Android mobile phone strongly squeezed the market share of Apple's mobile phone, while in the low-end smart phone market, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Lenovo from China are also making a big fortune in the global mobile phone market and their market share has increased significantly. In this market, the pace of development of new Apple products can only slow down, because it must launch a stunning new product in order to regain lost market share from Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other mobile phone manufacturers.

For Apple, the trouble is not only the launch speed of new products, but also the "Hollywood Pornographic Door" incident that the market is hotly stiring. On September 1st, the Yankee Gate in Hollywood broke out again. Some foreign hackers used the vulnerabilities of Apple’s iCloud cloud disk system illegally to illegally steal the nude pictures of many popular actresses in the world, and then released it on the Internet forum. On September 2, a netizen posted a screen shot of a computer folder suspected to be a nude photographer. There are all naked lighting starlists. There are 101 actresses in this list, 17 have been exposed, and unexposed There are 84. For Hollywood stars who are eager for fashion like Apple mobile phones, if Apple 6 can't make up for this loophole, who would dare to buy an Apple mobile phone? Affected by this, the current domestic high-end government officials and business people's favorite degree of Apple's mobile phone is also greatly reduced, in the era of everyone began to pay attention to mobile phone privacy protection, Apple 6 want to win the favor of consumers, there is still much to be done.

From the perspective of mobile phone market R&D consumer prospects in many mobile phone industry, it is a major magic weapon to win the future mobile phone market by targeting consumers to mobile phone services. If these consumers are now locked onto Apple's mobile phone, it means that they will be locked for life, even if the market and services become mature in the future, and will be developed and utilized by Apple again and again. This may be Apple 6 eventually. The key to winning a place in the mobile phone market.

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