Shenzhen will realize the limitation of large-scale electric bicycles from January 1 next year.

The small partners who like to travel on electric bicycles pay attention to it. In order to strengthen the traffic order of the city, according to the Regulations on the Administration of Road Traffic Safety of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, from January 1, 2017, the Traffic Police Bureau of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau will conduct Large area electric bicycles are limited!

Shenzhen will realize the limitation of large-scale electric bicycles from January 1 next year.

First, limit the time and road range

1, time:

From January 1 to June 30, 2017, daily from 0 to 24:00.

2. Urban Expressways:

Yanlong Avenue, Baohe Avenue, Danping Expressway, Yanhe Road (including along Hebei Road, along Henan Road), Buxin Road, Nigang East Road, Nigang West Road, North Ring Road, Chunfeng Road Viaduct, Binhe Avenue , Binhai Avenue.

3, the city's main road:

Shamrock Road, Liuxian Road, Bulong Road, Sungang Road (including Sungang East Road, Sungang West Road), Shennan Road (including Shennan East Road, Shennan Middle Road, Shennan Avenue).


Futian district

Huanggang Port Area (including Huanggang Port Square, South Road, Binhe Avenue, Futian South Road, Lily Road),

Huanggang area (south of Binhe Avenue, east of Yitian Road, west of Fuqiang Road, north of Fuqiang Road),

Futian Port Area (including Guohua Road, Yuheng Road and other sections of Futian Port Area),

Qiaoxiang Road (Xiangmei junction to Qiaocheng East Road),

Hung Hom Road (including Hung Hom Road),

Futian Free Trade Zone (including the section of the south of Guihua Road, all sections of the fence of Futian Free Trade Zone, Guihua Road),

Huaqiang South Area (east of Huaqiang South Road, west of Shangbu Road, north of Binhe Avenue, south of Shennan Road),

Fuhong District (south of Shennan Road, north of Fuhua Road, west of Huaqiang South Road, east of Futian Road),

Central area (to the west of Caitian Road, east of Xinzhou Road, south of Hongyu Road, north of Binhe Avenue),

Tairan area (south of Shennan Avenue, north of Binhe Avenue, west of Tairan Road, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway Zhuzilin Interchange),

Xiangmei Road (including Xiangmei North Road),

Shawei Area (north of Furong Road, south of Fuqiang Road, west of Xinzhou Road, east of Binhe Avenue),

Shazui District (north of Furong Road, south of Fuqiang Road, west of Xinzhou Road, east of Binhe Avenue),

Hongling Road (including Hongling North Road, Hongling Middle Road, Hongling South Road),

Nanyuan Road (Hongling intersection to Shangbu intersection),

Shangbu Road (including Shangbu North Road, Shangbu Middle Road, Shangbu South Road),

Fuhua Third Road (Caitian Intersection to Xinzhou Road),

Shazui Road (Fuqiang intersection to Furong intersection),

Shangsha District (north of Furong Road, south of Fuqiang Road, west of Xinzhou Road, east of Binhe Avenue),

Xiasha District (north of Furong Road, south of Fuqiang Road, west of Xinzhou Road, east of Binhe Avenue),

Yitian Road (Hongqi Road intersection to Fuqiang intersection),

Xinzhou Area (south of Binhe Avenue, east of Fuqiang Road, north of Fuqiang Road, west of Yitian Road),

Huaqiang North Area (to the east of Huafu Road, west of Shangbu Road, north of Shennan Road, south of Hongyu Road),

Jintian Road (Hongqi Road intersection to Fuqiang intersection),

Yitian Road (Fuqiang intersection to Furong intersection),

Huitang Street, Yimin Road, Huitang Road, Muxiang Road,

Tongxin North Road, Tongfu Road, Muxiang Street, Huaqiang North Road,

Huaqiang South Road, Huafu Road, Meiguan Road,

Huanggang Road, Zhenhua West Road, Fugang Road, Caitian Road,

Lotus Road, Yutian Road, Hongwei Road,

Fuming Road, Fuhong Road, Fuhua Road, Fuxing Road, Futian Road,

Furong Road, Dongyuan Road, Tongde Road, Puwei Street,

Badin Street, Shawei Road, Jindi 1st Road, Xinzhou Road,

Zhongkang Road, Meilin Road, Kaifeng Road, Meikang Road,

Lin Feng Road, Lin'an Street, Meifeng Road, Bayi Road,

Meihua Road, Aoshida Road, Meiqing Road,

Meixiu Road, Meihua West Road, Meibei Road, Meilong Road,

Meilong Second Road, Meilong 3rd Road, Meilong 4th Road, Meilong 5th Road,

Meilu Six Road, Meilong Seven Road, Meilong Eight Road,

Meicun Road, Meizhong Road, Taike Road, Meli Road,

Meiting Road, Longwei Road, Meishan Street, Xiameilin Street, Xiameilin Second Street,

Fulong Road, Xiangmihu Road, Xianglin Road, Lianhua Road,

Mintian Road, Fuhua 1st Road, Center 3rd Road,

Center 4 Road, Center 5 Road, Fuzhong 1st Road,

Fuzhong Road, Fuzhong Third Road, Fumin Road, Fuqiang Road.


Luohu district

Luohu Port Area (Yanhe Road, west of Beidou Road, east of Heping Road, south of Chunfeng Road),

Dongmen area (east of Renmin Park Road, south of Sungang Road, west of Dongmen Middle Road, north of Shennan East Road),

Wenjin Road (including Wenjin North Road, Wenjin Middle Road, Wenjin South Road),

Baoan South Road (Sunogang intersection to Binhe Avenue section),

Sungang Logistics Park Area (North of Sungang East Road, west of Baogang Road, south of Nigang East Road, east of Hongling North Road),

Shuibei Jewelry Park Area (to the west of Cuizhu Road, north of Tianbei 4th Road, east of Wenjin North Road, south of Buxin Road),

Dongmen Road (including Dongmen North Road, Dongmen Middle Road, Dongmen South Road),

Buxin Road, Taibai Road, Taining Road, Paradise Road, Tongle Road,

Qingshuihe Road, Qingshuihe 3rd Road,

Honggang Road, Jintang Street, Jinbi Road, Baogang Road,

Tianbei Yilu, Tianbei 2nd Road, Tianbei 3rd Road, Belle South Road,

Jiefang Road, Xiangxi Road, Sunbu Road, Yingchun Road,

People's South Road, Jianshe Road, People's Park Road,

Xinyuan Road, Heping Road, Baoan North Road,

Nanhu Road, Jiabin Road, Youyi Road, Patriotic Road,

Cuizhu Road, Buji Road, Jindaoda Road,

Book City Road, Guiyuan Road, Songyuan Road, Honggui Road, Zhongxing Road,

Antarctic Road, Huali Road, Hubei Road, Xin'an Road,

Huangbei Road, Xinxiu Road, Fenghuang Road, Liantang Road,

Jubao Road, Guowei Road, Pengxing Road, Luosha Road, Chunfeng Road.


Yantian District

Yanmei Road, Yansan Road, Guanshang Road, Shenyan Road,

Hong'an Road, Hong'an Fourth Street, Hong'an Third Street, Hong'an Second Street,

Donghai 4th Street, Wutong Road, Shayan Road, Tokaido,

Yihai Road, Xianyun Road, Huanbi Road, Huanmei Road,

Beishan Road, Yong'an North 1st Street, Yong'an North 3rd Street,

Yong'an Road, Yantian North 4th Street, Yantian North 5th Street, Mingzhu Road,

Seaview 2nd Road, Haitao Road, Zhongying Street, Huancheng Road,

Step by Step Street, Qiaotou Street, Haitang Road, Haishan Road,

Xiangjing East Street, Xiangjing South Street, Shensha Road,

Yantian Road, 22 meters Avenue.


Bao'an District

Roads around Bao'an Airport (including Airport Road, Airport Six Road, Airport Seven Roads, Terminal 4 Road, Airport South Road, Pilot Road, Pilot 2 Road, Pilot 3 Road, Pilot 4 Road, Pilot 5 Road, Pilot Elevation and Departure Platform, Airport One, Airport 2, Airport 6 Road, Airport 8 Road, Jinwan Avenue),

107 National Road (Shenzhen section),

Zhengfeng Road (including Zhengfeng South Road, Zhengfeng North Road),

Lixin Road (including Lixin North Road, Lixin South Road),

Huaide Road (including Huaide North Road, Huaide South Road),

Beihuan Road (including two Shiyan Street and Shajing Street),

Zhoushiyu branch line (Shiyan section),

Gem Road (including Gems East Road, Gem West Road, Gem South Road),

Yanhe Road (including along Henan Road and along Hebei Road),

Advance road (including forward one road, two forward road),

Xin'an Road (including Xin'an 1st Road, Xin'an 2nd Road, Xin'an 3rd Road, Xin'an 4th Road, Xin'an 5th Road, Xin'an 6th Road),

Hubin Road (Zaocheng 37, 38 section),

Jincheng Road, Wan'an Road, Democracy Avenue, Songfu Avenue,

Yanshan Avenue, Guangming Road, South Ring Road, Donghuan Road,

Hongxiang Industrial Road, Huangpu Road, Nanpu Road, Shangnan Street,

Xihuan Road, Huaide South Road, Baoan Avenue,

Gonghe Industrial Road, Tongda Road, Haicheng Road, Yintian Road,

Shugang Channel, Inner Ring Road, Jinhai Road, Xinhe Avenue,

Shajing Road, Outer Ring Road, Huanzhen Road, Zhoushi Road,

Hezhou Road, Central Road, Fu'an Road,

Shiquan Avenue, Guotai Road, Shiguan Road, Longteng Road,

Luo Rent Avenue, Shilong Avenue, Tianxin Avenue,

Shiyan Avenue, Yucai Road, Youth Road, Jixiang Road,

Ruyi Road, Aiqun Road, Hebin Road, Songbai Road,

Park Road, Tianbao Road, Tangtou Avenue, Dongfang Avenue,

Furong Avenue, Xinyu Road, Lougang Avenue,

Songming Avenue, Chaoyang Road, Tianyuan Road, Shajiang Road,

Songluo Road, Yanluo Road, Innovation Road, Shangde Road,

Shangchong Road, Shangxing Road, Qi'an Road, Guangtian Road,

Xiangshan Avenue, Tangxiayong Second Industrial Avenue,

Songyu Road, Song'an Road, Liye Road, Songgang Avenue,

Baotian 1st Road, Baotian 2nd Road, Baotian 3rd Road,

Xinghua Road, turning over the road, Xinhu Road,

Entrepreneurship all the way, entrepreneurship second road, Xunye Road, Hengjia Road,

Xingye Road, Haixiu Road, Tangkeng Road, Shihuan Road,

Yu'an All Road, Yu'an Second Road, Liutang Road, Jinhua Road,

Shangchuan Road, Xixiang Avenue, Zhuangbian Road, Baomin 2nd Road,

Baomin all the way, Jian'an all the way, Jian'an Second Road,

Baoyuan Road, Gushu Road, Gushu Second Road,

Hangcheng Avenue, Kaicheng Road, Lida Road,

Fuyong Avenue, Fengtang Avenue, Great Ocean Road,

Furui Road, and Shalu, Bridge and Road, Yonghe Road,

Chongqing Road, Fuzhou Avenue, Yongfu Road, Xinsha Road,

Qixiang Road, Qigang Avenue, Xingye all the way,

Qixia Road, Fenghuangshan Avenue, Xintian Avenue,

Kaicheng Second Road, Biwan Road, Tengfeng Avenue, Fufeng Road.


Longhua District

Roads around Shenzhen North Railway Station (including the section of Zhiyuan Road from Zhiyuan Road to Mintang Road, Yulong Road, Yutang Road to Zhiyuan Middle Road, Mintang Road, Yuyuan Road, Yulong Road to Liuxian Road)

Longhua Park Road (Industrial intersection to Renmin Road intersection),

Meilong Avenue, Minkang Road, Minfeng Road, Minle Road,

Minxing Road, Minzhi Minfu North Road, Huaying Road,

Huafeng Road, Huachang Road, Huafa Road, Huarong Road,

Huaxing Road, Huafan Road, Huaning Road, Huasheng Road, Langrong Road,

Langhua Road, Langjing Road, Donghuan Road, Donghuan Second Road,

Longhua Renmin Road, Tenglong Road, Sanlian Road,

Longhua Heping Road, New District Avenue, Qinghu Road,

Longguan Avenue, Longsheng Road, Guanlan Avenue, Renmin Road,

Dahe Road, Guanping Road, Golf Avenue, Guantian Road,

Huan Guan Middle Road, Huan Guan South Road, Fuqian Road,

Dalang South Road, Jianhui Road, Jinglong Construction Road, Qingquan Road,

Tsinghua Road, Xuegang North Road, Minqing Road, Yousong Road,

Guiyue Road, Zhangqi Road, Yuli Road, Huawang Road,

Huada Road, Huayue Road, Baishilong Road, Sightseeing Road,

Minzhi Avenue, Minwang Road, Minbao Road, Industrial Road.


Nanshan District

Shenzhen Bay Port Area (east of Houhai Avenue, west of Shahe West Road, south of Dongbin Road, north of Wanghai Road),

Xinghai Avenue Viaduct (including the ramp),

Chiwan 6th Road (Xinghai Avenue to Chiwan 5th Road),

Nautical Road (South of Xinghai Avenue),

Shahe Street Office Road (including Qiaocheng East Road, Shizhou North Road, Shizhou Middle Road, Shahe East Road),

Taoyuan Street Office Road (including Lishui Road, Lishan Road),

The roads in the district of Guangdong Street (including Haide Second Road and the Haikou Road to the South China Sea Road section, Wenxin 5th Road),

Shahe West Road, Houhai Avenue, Nanhai Avenue,

Along the mountain road, Harbour Avenue, Mawan Avenue, Linhai Avenue,

Chiwan Xiaonanshan Tunnel, Songhu Road, Industrial Road,

Taizi Road, Xinghua Road, Industrial Second Road, Industrial Eight Road,

Ai Lu Road, Zhaoshang Road, Shekou New Street, Shuiwan Road,

Industrial Five Road, along the mountain road, Industrial Sixth Road,

Industrial Seven Road, Offshore Road, Huaguo Road, Yucun Road,

Wanxia Road, Xinggong Road, Xinghai Avenue,

Zhenhai Road, Gangcheng Road, Zhuguang North Road,

Listen to the sea, Tonghai Road, No. 5 Road, No. 6 Road,

No. 7 Road, No. 8 Road, Wanghai Road, Golden Century Road,

Shekou Old Street, Shiyun Road, Nanguang Road, Nanshan Avenue,

Nantou Street, Nanxin Road, Yiyuan Road, Changxing Road,

Qianhai Road, Moon Bay Avenue, Chaguang Road,

Dragon Ball Avenue, Zhuguang Road, Longjing Road, Xili Road,

Park Road, Park South Road, Dragon Ball 4 Road,

Longzhu 3rd Road, Qiaoxiang Road, Taoyuan Road, Keyuan Road,

Science and Technology South Road, Baishi Road, Gaoxin Zhongsi Road,

Gaoxin Nansi Road, Hyde 2 Road, Pioneer Road,

Dengliang Road, Dongbin Road, Guimiao Road, Xuefu Road.


Longgang District

National Highway 205 (Shenzhen section),

Ruyi Road (including Ruyi Zhonglu, Ruyi South Road),

Huangge Road (including Huangge Middle Road, Huangge South Road),

Longping Road (including Longping East Road, Longping West Road),

Jinlong Avenue (Longgang Section),

Li Li Avenue (the intersection of Wuhe Avenue and Hangjia Avenue),

Xinhengping Road (Longgang Section),

Dongshen Highway (Dongguan Yantian Gas Station to Liangtian Road Building Materials Market),

Huiyan Highway, Shahe Road, Xinlong Road, Pingji Avenue,

Tongxin Road, Huancheng South Road, Huancheng East Road, Tongli Road,

Tongqing Road, Paradise Road, Longhu Road, Jixiang Road,

Longxiang Avenue, Shenglong Road, Longyuan Road, Longhe Road,

Bixin Road, Xinsheng Road, Botanical Garden Road,

Longgang Road, Pengda Road, Dansha Road, Fengcai Road, Youth Road,

Chengyuan Road, Longfu Road, Jianshe Road, Dezheng Road,

Qinglin Road, Longcheng Middle Road, Longcheng South Road,

Jixiang Middle Road, Fuping Road, Tongfu Road, Longfei Avenue,

Feiyang Road, Qinghui Road, Qingshui Road, Toyota Road,

Ainan Road, Qingfeng Avenue, Gaoke Avenue,

Baolong Avenue, Nantong Avenue, Huancheng North Road,

Wuhe Avenue, Chongzhi Avenue, Zhang Heng Road,

Jiaxian Road, Longping Road, Bell Road, Yayuan Road,

Yongxiang Road, Zhang Xuegang Avenue, Yong Avenue,

Phoenix Avenue, Pinghu Street, Fu'an Avenue,

Danping Highway, Pingdi Hutian Road, Pinglong Road,

Ping An Avenue, Yue Bao Road, Jihua Road,

Huancheng Road, Sanlian Road, Jinli Road, Jinlong Road,

Changlong Road, Hualong Road, Changsheng Road, Changqing Road,

Baoli Road, Longling Road, Bayi Street, Bayi Second Street,

Buji Road, Lianhua Road, Lianbu North Road,

Jinyun Road, Zhongxing Road, Tiedong Road, Xinle Road,

Tiexi Road, Baihua 1st Street, Baihua 2nd Street,

Jinlong Road, Hunan Road, Zhongyuan Road, Jizheng Road,

Zhengqing Road, Square Road, Busha Road, Yumiao Road,

Huxi Road, Zhongcui Road, Baige Road, Ronghua Road,

Hekeng Road, Luogang Road, Jinpeng Road, Science and Technology Park Road,

Bulu Road, Jingfen Road, East-West Road,

Guofen Road, Xinghuo Road, Xihuan Road, New Cotton Tree Road.


Guangming New District

Road No. 36 (Liangqiao Road to No. 38 Road Section),

Road No. 38 (Sightseeing Road to Guangmingcheng High-speed Railway Station),

Songbai Road, Zhenming Road, Fu Li Road,

Ming'an Road, Fair Road, Jimei Road, Xingfa Road,

Jin'an Road, Changchun Road, Jingning Road, Wangsheng Road,

Minsheng Avenue, Guangming Avenue, sightseeing road,

Fengxin Road, Guangqiao Road, Guangming Street, Huaxia Road,

Gongchang Road, Minsheng Road, Gongming North Ring Road,

Gongming West Ring Road, Gongming East Ring Road, Gongming South Ring Road.


Pingshan District

Jinlong Avenue (Pingshan Section),

Wushi Road (Shenzhen section),

Hengping Road (Pingshan Section),

Tanjung Avenue, Longxing Road, Longwo Road,

Jianshe Road, Heping Road, Dongsheng Street, Dongmen Street,

Zhongxing Road, Shaxin Road, Longxin Road,

East Long Road, BYD Road, Ping Kwai Road,

Jintian Road, Fumin Road, Hengtang Road, Chuangjing Road,

Jinniu East Road, Science and Technology Road, Lanzhu Road, Lanjing Middle Road,

Yanjing South Road, Kengzi Renmin Road, Zhongshan Avenue,

Industrial Third Road, Bisan Road, Tanjung East Road,

Jinxiu East Road, Baodi Road, Liaohe Road.

Second, some industries electric bicycles are not subject to appeal

For the electric bicycles used in the repair of public facilities, postal services (including newspapers and periodicals), express delivery, etc., as well as the transportation of bottled drinking water, bottled gas, etc., the uniform carrier bracket and body color are included in the specification. After management, it is not subject to the above restrictions on driving restrictions.

3. Prohibition of power equipment, non-motor vehicles and tricycles

Human tricycles, electric tricycles and other second and third-wheel non-motor vehicles equipped with power units are prohibited from passing through the roads of our city.

TIps: Except for disabled motorized wheelchairs registered by the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation.

4. Motorcycles and electric balance vehicles are prohibited.

Motorcycles, electric bicycles, manpower tricycles, electric tricycles, other non-motorized vehicles equipped with power units, disabled electric and motorized wheelchairs, electric balance vehicles and other sliding tools are prohibited.

And the special industry electric bicycles registered in the municipal public security traffic police department are driving and parking in Shennan Road and Shennan Road (the Shennan Wenjin intersection to the Shennan Xinzhou Interchange).

TIps: Except for emergency repairs in public facilities.

Shenzhen is close to the people,

Can't be in a few days

Anyone on these roads is driving an electric bicycle.

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