Experts discuss the development trend of global and Chinese LED industry next year

A few days ago, the 2017 Principal Consultant Market Analysis Meeting was held in Shenzhen, and invited a number of analysts and senior industry players to share and discuss on the spot. The theme of the conference was “The Development Trend of Global and China's LED Industry in 2017”, and comprehensively interpreted various issues such as Micro-LED, UV LED, automotive lighting, and LED price game phenomenon. Below, Xiaobian takes everyone to pay attention to what the dry goods are worthy of our attention.

Store in 2017, LED manufacturers accelerate their transfer to niche applications

Chu Yuchao first reviewed the development trend of the LED industry in 2016. He pointed out that the global LED market output value reached US$14.8 billion in 2016, with an annual growth rate of 3.4%. Looking forward to 2017, the LED market is still fiercely competitive. Manufacturers will accelerate their profitability to niche markets such as small-pitch display, infrared and ultraviolet LEDs. The estimated output value will reach US$15.4 billion, up 4% year-on-year.

In 2016, the global LED market output value growth rate is not high, but the overall industry has undergone dramatic changes. Chu Yuchao said that under the rise of the demand for small-pitch LED displays, the upstream LED chip supply is tight, making some LED chips and packaged devices appear for the first time in the past five years.

As for the downstream LED lighting products, there is also a large price increase. The main reason is to reflect the rising cost of raw materials, especially the bulk metal raw materials such as copper and aluminum, which have seen price increases in the second half of this year, making LED lighting manufacturers Have to announce the price increase to reflect the cost. However, this wave of price hikes has limited help for the actual profitability of the manufacturers, so most LED manufacturers are actively thinking about the transformation strategy and accelerating the transfer into the niche market.

For the segmentation field, Chu Yuchao believes that the small-pitch LED display market has become a battleground for the military. As the small-pitch LED display has driven the number of LEDs to increase geometrically, it has attracted many Chinese LED packaging factories to expand their production capacity. This market is a big pie. In addition, the application market of UVC-LED will gradually expand with the improvement of efficiency, and infrared LED will have great business opportunities in the fields of security and iris recognition and somatosensory detection of VR applications.

Another important thing in 2017 is that Micro LED products are expected to come out. Micro LED has the opportunity to replace the next-generation display technology of OLED panels, attracting many brand manufacturers to invest in research and development resources. Although the current Micro LED distance is still far away from the existing TFT-LCD (liquid crystal) and OLED displays, and there are still many new display technologies in the market, some manufacturers have planned to introduce market positioning different from LCD or OLED. The panel's Micro LED display application accelerates mass production with a lower PPI or a relatively small number of pixels. LEDinside expects to see Micro LED related products coming out in 2017.

Liu Zhaojun's development of Micro-LED display technology

In recent years, LEDs have attracted more and more eyeballs with their superior characteristics such as high brightness, high efficiency, long life and so on. At present, LED is not only applied to LCD backlight modules, intelligent lighting, outdoor large screens, but also micro LED display is attracting the attention of the world's major display technology companies and research institutes.

Liu Zhaojun, assistant professor of the School of Joint Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, Sun Yat-sen University, believes that as a self-illuminating device, micro LED has its unique advantages, such as low operating voltage, high efficiency, high brightness, simple optical structure, and wide working range. Considered to be the ideal next-generation display technology, its applications will include large/medium size outdoor/indoor large screens, desktop/notebook displays, mobile products such as cell phones/digital cameras/portable projector screens, watches/wristles, etc. Wearable products.

Liu Zhaojun said that as one of the earliest teams in the world to develop micro-LED technology, his team has developed 7-generation micro-LED technology in the past decade, from passive address-driven micro-LED arrays to active-sited micro-LED arrays, from small areas. Chip-to-module transfer large-area technology, from monochrome to color, from ultraviolet micro-LED to blue, green, red-light micro-LED display, and developed the world's first backlight-based micro LED projector, and integrated Micro-LED display chips for optical communication functions are also available.

Sun Jiaxin UV LED product technology development trend and overall solution

In recent years, the gross profit margin of the LED industry has been declining, and general lighting has accelerated into a stable period. Enterprises have begun to expand the emerging blue ocean market. UV LED is considered to be the "feast" of LED in the second half, which is highly sought after by the market and enterprises.

In order to enable the industry to understand UV LED and Tiandian Optoelectronics more deeply, Dr. Sun Jiaxin, Director of Tiandian Optoelectronics Technology, shared his experience and insights on the theme of "UV LED product technology development trend and overall solution".

Dr. Sun Jiaxin has extended from the more mature UVA-LED market, packaging and chip technology to the more difficult UVC-LED market, technology and product solutions. As far as UV LED packaging technology is concerned, Dr. Sun Jiaxin said that for 265nm and UVC-LED product packaging, it is recommended to use all-inorganic packaging to avoid the use of organic materials to improve life and reliability to compensate for chip defects, while other bands will follow white light packaging technology.

The development of technology is inseparable from the market, and regarding the market development of UV LED, Dr. Sun Jiaxin elaborated from the two markets of UVA-LED and UVC-LED. Dr. Sun Jiaxin believes that UVA-LED is mainly used in the three major markets of exposure machines, printers and printing machines. It is estimated that the market size in China will reach 447 million yuan by 2018.

UVC-LED is mainly used for medical, sterilization, purification and biological monitoring. The largest part of the air/water purification module market forecast will increase from US$100 million in 2016 to US$400 million in 2019, and CAGR will exceed 50%.

Finally extended to the field of application products, Dr. Sun Jiaxin deeply analyzed the representative product solutions in the three fields of UVA curing, UVC purification and sterilization.

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