TCL TV L55E5590A how to install third-party software, watch live video, play video game tutorials by ADB one-click installation tool

TCL TV L55E5590A installs a sofa butler through ADB one-click installation tool. This tutorial is applicable to similar models such as TCL TV L55E5590A.

Installation Process 1 Download ADB One-click Installation Tool→2 Computer and TV Connect with a Router→3 Run ADB Open Tools→4 One-Click Installation Completed

Steps Step 1: Download the ADB open tool and one-click install tool Download and unzip the computer, two TCPUDP debugging tools and one-click installation software appear as follows

Follow the steps to view the tcl smart TV's IP address as illustrated:
System settings

Network settings

Cable network settings

Tcl TV automatically obtains an IP address

Check the TV's IP

Open the TCP UDP debugging tool

- If the message "unable to connect ip" is displayed, or if the IP address is wrong, do not tick the hexadecimal place in this step.

Step 2: Run one-click installation, install the sofa butler into another folder - "One-click installation", double-click "Double-click to run a key installation" to enter the command interface and enter the IP address of the device obtained in the previous step, and press Enter to wait. can.

If the message "unable to connect ip" is displayed, or if the IP address is incorrect, do not select the hexadecimal place in the TCP UDP debugging tool step.

Note for installing butler: If you use the sofa butler to download the application, it stays in the installation state, or you are prompted to prompt the words "Prohibited to install unknown source". Please turn on the automatic installation in “Settings” of the sofa butler kit, or try to plug in an external SD card and try again.

If the installation fails, restart the device and try again by following the steps (may be useful). Still have questions please add the following sofa butler official QQ group.

TCL TV L55E5590A other installation methods: http://

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