LED display new upgrade three major trends worthy of attention

The open market means that the fierce competition of products is getting smaller and smaller. How to get out of the current development dilemma has become the focus of major LED display manufacturers. Compared with the business opportunities brought by other industries, the LED display products are upgraded. The market space formed by the replacement has unlimited potential.

The upgrade of the LED display itself can be divided into two aspects:

First of all, the original LED display products have reached the end of life. Affected by LED light decay, the life of LED display is generally about five years. In the past five years, it can be said that China's LED display is the most golden five years. LED display has been widely popularized in various fields such as advertising, stage and stadium. Therefore, in the next few years, there will be a large number of LED displays that have reached the end of their useful life, which will undoubtedly bring huge economic benefits to enterprises.

Second, it is a new technology, and new products form a substitute for traditional products.

Up to now, the industry has three development trends worthy of corporate attention.

The first is the trend of replacing the single and double colors with full color LED displays.

In the LED screen market, LED full-color display has become the mainstream product in the market, but in the LED screen market represented by the door screen, it is still the world of single and double color products. However, with the advancement of technology and the decline of cost, the door screen market, which is the last line of defense for single and double color products, will soon be broken by the full-color LED display. In fact, as early as 2011, some companies began to produce P20 full-color door screens. Later, there were more fine P16 products, but because the spacing was too large, the display effect was very harsh for ordinary storefronts, plus cost. Higher, it is more difficult to promote. In 2013, the strong color of the market with single and double color market share began to push the P13.3 full color door screen, relying on its own powerful channel distribution ability, and achieved certain results in the terminal market. But objectively speaking, the current full-color door screen has not really shaken the position of single and double color in the door screen market. First, because the price is high, and second, the use is not as simple as single color, and the maintenance cost of the manufacturer is relatively large.

Second, there is a trend to replace low-density products with high-density LED displays.

With the advancement of upstream chip and packaging technology, the LED display spacing is reduced by 1~2 mm per year. Take the outdoor LED display as an example. The mainstream product before the industry is P10. Now it has reached P8, P6, and even some companies have developed P3 outdoor surface mount LED display. Under this trend, SMD surface-mount products have begun to replace the in-line products with the advantage of display performance and gradually become the future development direction of outdoor displays. But we also see that in the face of the challenges of surface stickers, the more mature straight-line display does not sit still, using a smaller radius of 246 lamp beads, now can also achieve an outdoor LED display with a pitch of P6. In addition, it is worth mentioning that some enterprises have developed an outdoor three-in-one product by inserting RGB three chips into a straight-line lamp through the improvement of the in-line process. With this type of packaging, the in-line LED display can achieve a lower density without changing the production process, and is extremely competitive in price.

Third, the large-pitch LED display screen is recognized by the outdoor lighting market, which has great potential to replace the traditional digital tube market .

At the same time as the indoor small-pitch LED display rises, the large-area LED photoelectric curtain wall used for outdoor building lighting also brings new growth space for the industry. It is understood that the LED photoelectric curtain wall is composed of a large number of large-pitch light bar screens, which are mainly used in the entire wall and roof of the benchmark building in the city center. For advertising operators, the large LED display area can bring higher advertising revenue, because advertisers tend to put larger media. According to Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, the replacement of LED display will bring new growth momentum to the industry. LED advertising machines and LED small-pitch displays will open up new markets for the industry. In addition, the demand for high-end LED display in the World Cup in Brazil, the replacement demand for LED display on the US highway will become a good industry. In 2014, the LED display is expected to sweep away last year's haze and move towards a brighter future.

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