Jingdong WeChat first-class entrance on the line

Jingdong WeChat first-class entrance on the line

On May 28th, JD.com announced that JD.com started launching on the “shopping” level entrance of the WeChat platform and gradually opened it to WeChat users in China. On May 27th, two cities in Beijing and Shanghai have upgraded to version 5.3 WeChat users. We can see the “Shopping” entrance on the WeChat “Discovery” interface. After that, the "shopping" entrance will be gradually opened to users of WeChat nationwide.

WeChat users upgrading to version 5.3 will be able to purchase rich, high-quality products from JD.com via the "Shopping" channel at the WeChat first-class entrance to achieve a better mobile shopping experience. Jingdong opened a first-class entrance at WeChat, marking a new milestone in the strategic cooperation between Tencent and JD. It also means that a new era of mobile e-commerce is starting.

Jingdong's primary entrance name on the WeChat platform is “shopping”, located within “discovery”, and juxtaposed with “friend circles”, “sweeping sweep” and “games”, and will continue to WeChat users from May 27th. Open. The “Shopping” level entrance is divided into three sub-sections: “New Discovery”, “Brand”, and “Juhui”. Their positioning has their own emphasis and meets the needs of different groups of people. Among them, the "new discovery" is positioned as "discovering the best tide and the most wonderful goods", and presents different product recommendations according to the user's preferences; "brand" recommends the discount products of major famous brands to users in the form of brand sales associations; "Juhui" wins with "price-performance ratio" and recommends the most cost-effective single product to users.

Jingdong Group’s Chief Marketing Officer Lan Yi stated that the opening of the “WeChat” shopping first-class portal is a major milestone in the strategic cooperation between JD.com and Tencent and JD.com’s important progress in mobile e-commerce development. JD’s WeChat “Shopping” channel will Adhering to the corporate philosophy of Jingdong's 'Continuous Attention to the User Experience', we provide WeChat users with rich and high-quality products, preferential prices, and convenient services.The opening of the WeChat portal is just before 618, and JD’s promotion during June of this year. Consumers will be given back to the greatest extent possible, and WeChat users will also be able to easily share the 618 Universal Online Shopping Carnival.”

The person in charge of the Tencent WeChat team stated that WeChat opened the “Shopping” level entrance and will be able to fully satisfy the shopping needs of the WeChat users. Jingdong has strong power in e-commerce. At the same time, its long-term commitment to high-quality goods and self-built logistics will further enhance the user experience. WeChat is becoming a one-stop mobile living entrance for users.

According to industry analysts, since Jingdong announced a strategic cooperation with Tencent on March 10, it successfully launched the first level entrance of WeChat “shopping” in less than three months, reflecting the smooth cooperation between the two parties. The opening of the WeChat first-class portal will enable Jingdong to be in a favorable position for mobile e-commerce. With the massive number of users and traffic of WeChat, Jingdong is expected to benefit from the expansion of new users.

With the on-line entry of the WeChat “shopping” level one, the Jingdong WeChat public number customer service (public number: Jingdong JD.COM) is also on-line. WeChat users can contact the customer service online in real time via this public number. Here, JD.com reminds the old users to suggest that they first bind your old Jingdong account when shopping for the first time at WeChat's “Shopping” portal.

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