WeChat users can enjoy free Wifi in Hong Kong

WeChat users can enjoy free Wifi in Hong Kong

May 27 news, for many users, overseas Internet access is a hassle, if there is free Wifi is naturally better. Recently, Tencent has reached cooperation with Hong Kong operator PCCW-HKT to provide free Wifi for visitors to Hong Kong during May 26 to June 15.

It is reported that WeChat and Hong Kong operator PCCW-HKT issued a cooperation agreement. During the period from May 26th to June 15th, WeChat users added “PCCW-HKT” WeChat public account to “Subscription Number”, and they can enjoy 3 days of free WiFi in Hong Kong. Click here for the PCCW-HKT store address.

This cooperation between Tencent and Hong Kong operator PCCW-HKT is obviously to promote WeChat, but it is indeed a good thing for WeChat users, but the activity time is not too long, but it is better than nothing!


PCCW-HKT is the largest Wifi service operator in Hong Kong and has more than 13,000 Wifi hotspots in Hong Kong.

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