China's first push-type fingerprint recognition sensor launched

In recent years, mobile intelligent terminal systems have developed rapidly around the world, and fingerprint recognition sensor technology with identity recognition functions will inevitably become the standard for mobile intelligent terminals in the near future. However, the domestic field of semiconductor high-definition fingerprint sensors is still in a blank stage, so domestic mobile smart terminal manufacturers are helplessly facing the dilemma of no chip available. Sili Microelectronics, as a leader in China's multi-touch IC technology, is in an important and critical period for the development and industrialization of China's semiconductor fingerprint sensor IC. Through the continuous research and improvement of the technical team, we independently developed the first domestic press. Fingerprint recognition sensor GSL6162.

The GSL6162 push-type fingerprint chip is implemented in the form of active capacitance. The principle is to use a semiconductor capacitor array to measure the capacitance change of each pixel. One pixel is a capacitor electrode, and the fingerprint recognition function is realized according to the different values ​​of the fingerprint valley and fingerprint ridge capacitance. It has the characteristics of simple structure, extremely high precision, ultra-low power consumption, and universal platform. The simple structure is conducive to the ID design of mobile terminals such as mobile phones. Its push-type sensing method can be perfectly used with the HOME button by simply placing your finger; the accuracy is up to 508DPI, and the high-definition 3D effect has reached the world-class image Level; its advantages of ultra-low power consumption and universal platform also accelerate the domestic mobile terminal into the era of fingerprint payment.

More worth mentioning is that Sili Micro provides a complete Turn Key Solution, which directly provides modules to meet different needs of customized IDs. By providing an overall solution, it simplifies the complexity of the supply chain and is beneficial to solution providers such as mobile phones and other mobile terminals Import new products with integrators. Sili Micro inherits the principle of technological innovation as the core competitiveness, independently develops encryption and identification algorithms, breaks the previous design concept of fingerprint IC, improves market flexibility, and its complete supporting software services can more accurately meet the market demand.

Although the fingerprint recognition sensor is not new, most of the old sensors are optical sensors, which have the disadvantages of large volume and susceptibility to interference, and cannot meet the needs of mobile terminals. Even though the strip-shaped semiconductor fingerprint recognition sensor that appeared later solved the volume problem, but it can only collect fingerprints within a narrow strip range, users still need to slide their fingers across the sensor surface with complex fingerprint image stitching algorithms to restore the full fingerprint. Therefore, convenience and reliability are greatly limited. The SLI Micro GSL6162 in the form of a surface-press active capacitor not only solves the volume problem of the HOME key module, but also optimizes the convenience and accuracy of image acquisition and processing. This is also the first time in China that a complete set of press fingerprint identification solutions has been implemented.

From a market perspective, the fingerprint recognition function has gradually been accepted by people from the initial locking and unlocking functions to the payment of mobile terminals, and has entered our daily life. The stability and uniqueness of fingerprints greatly optimize the leakage of private information such as account passwords, and are considered to be the main means of security authentication. They are also increasingly favored by mobile terminals such as mobile phones. The industry is generally optimistic about its market prospects and value. The security and convenience of fingerprint recognition are not only applicable to people's daily lives, but also applicable to the fields of finance, securities, payment, Internet, information industry, and security. Fingerprint recognition sensors affect more than the semiconductor industry chain, and its impact on the mobile Internet includes mobile payment, security authentication, object-oriented mobile internet applications, and the cloud service platform behind these services is another industry that will benefit.

In the development process of mobile intelligent terminals, the current domestic technical strength has not yet reached the international leading level. Shanghai Sili Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is based on China and integrated with the world. The industry, and even the entire semiconductor industry chain play a leading role, so that China's integrated industry has its own Chinese core.

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