Workshop epoxy floor construction instructions

The shop floor paint has high strength, wear-resistance, and beautiful floor. It has the advantages of no seams, solid texture, good chemical resistance, anti-corrosion, dust-proof, easy maintenance and low maintenance cost. According to different application requirements, a variety of solutions can be designed, such as thin layer coating, 1-5mm thick self-leveling floor, non-slip and wear-resistant coating, mortar type coating, anti-static and anti-corrosion coating. Therefore, it is widely used in factories, computer rooms, warehouses, laboratories, wards, operating rooms, and workshops.

The shop floor paint is used for the sake of aesthetics and improving the working environment of the factory floor to achieve environmental protection, reduce dust and wet ground. Epoxy floor, epoxy anti-static floor, corundum wear-resistant floor, and guide Static electricity fire flower wear-resistant floor, self-leveling cement floor, heavy anti-corrosion floor, self-leveling hardener floor construction.

So what matters need to pay attention to in the use of shop floor paint? Below is a professional floor paint production, sales and construction company Beijing Shi Mei Lok Technology Co., Ltd. experts to introduce you:

1, the construction environment: the construction temperature is generally good between 5 ~ 35 °C, if the relative humidity more than 85%, it can not be construction, low temperature curing agent above -10 °C!

2. Treatment of construction equipment: After the paint is applied, the used equipment and tools should be cleaned immediately.

3, use the remaining paint and thinner should be placed in a well-ventilated warehouse.

4, the use of power tools must be responsible for the person in charge, the construction must be cut off before leaving the power, in the construction process operators should pay attention to their own security protection!

5, construction records: including time, floor surface treatment, temperature, construction site, material and other actual records for later processing.

6. It is forbidden to open fire for 10 meters around the construction site. Smoking is strictly prohibited. Warning tapes and warning signs should be put up around the site.

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