Installation tube in the energy-saving lamps need to pay attention to

Installation tube in the energy-saving lamps need to pay attention to What are the steps and issues to be aware of when installing an energy-saving lamp in a tube? The following is a brief introduction for you.

1: Remove the starter.

2: Remove the T8 lamp.

3: Directly install the energy-saving lamp in the light tube of the light on the original T8 lamp.

4: Please turn off the power during operation to avoid electric shock.

5: The starter must be removed, otherwise it may damage the tube tube energy-saving lamps.

6: After the retrofitting, if the tube-in-tube energy-saving lamp fails to light up, check whether the internal circuit is normally connected or if the inductance ballast is open.

7: If the original ballast is not damaged, it does not need to be removed. Its series connection in the line can play a filtering role.

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