The three major electricity providers fight "blood" today: home appliance manufacturers onlookers

The e-commerce price war, which has been intensifying for months, will usher in a climax at 9:00 this morning. The goal is to point out that “big home appliances are cheap without limit”.

Yesterday (August 14) morning, Jingdong Mall CEO Liu Qiang Dong announced through Weibo, Jingdong Mall all major appliances will maintain zero gross margin in the next three years, and "guaranteed cheaper than Gome and Suning chain stores at least 10% or more."

When this statement comes out, it immediately leads the opponent to fight back. Suning Tesco announced through its microblogging that all products, including home appliances, must be lower in price than Jingdong.

Han Depeng, the general manager of, said in an interview with the reporter of the “Daily Economic News” yesterday that Gome announced that the online shopping mall will start at 5% lower price than Jingdong.

However, behind the escalation of price wars, home appliance manufacturers are also stuck in the contradiction between "shipment and risk control."

Jingdong's “Zero Maori” promise yesterday morning, in addition to Weibo announced that all large appliances will maintain zero gross profit in the next three years, Liu Qiangdong still announced in microblogging, Jingdong will recruit 5,000 GOME, Suning price intelligence agents throughout the country, Each shop is assigned 2 people. When any customer purchases large home appliances in Gome and Suning, they use the Jingdong client of the mobile phone. If the price is found to be less than 10%, Jingdong immediately cuts prices or offers coupons on-site to ensure that the price is 10% cheaper after the price intelligence official verifies the truth.

“What do you think about the Jingdong price intelligence staff's costume design? We have already delivered the factory this afternoon, and we will have 5000 sets in 3 weeks!” At 6 pm yesterday, Liu Qiangdong posted a photo via microblogging to prove that he was a good candidate.

"This is just a show." The relevant person in charge of Mall told reporters that the price of the large appliances in the Online Mall has been kept at a minimum. In contrast, there is no advantage in the price of the Jingdong Mall. There is no point in assigning price intelligence officers.

“Jing Dong’s large-scale electric goods will be sold for zero gross profit within three years” is also questioned as a hype.

According to e-commerce provider Yi, Tencent's e-commerce company, due to the poor sales revenue, it does not include the sales rebates of the manufacturers (the industry said that the background gross profit), while the profits of the home appliance industry are mainly in the background gross profit, so Jingdong has promised zero gross profit, In essence, the margin is only zero.

"(Cheap 10%) This is a false proposition. The online price advantage is generally stronger than the offline store. Under the existing e-commerce conditions, the price is 10% cheaper and not surprising." Independent Inspector Lu Zhenwang According to a reporter of the “Daily Economic News”, when there is no promotion, the price difference between Jingdong’s and Gome and Suning's offline stores will be more than 10 points apart.

Public data shows that the overall gross profit of Gome and Suning offline stores remained at around 20%, while Jingdong Mall's previously announced gross margin on the whole platform was only 5.5%. If this is the case, the goal of "lower prices than 10%" has been achieved.

E-Commerce Wars opened today, "The purpose of this move Jingdong, in fact, to combat the United States, Suning, offline sales of large home appliances." Lu Zhenwang analysis, and Gome, Suning major appliances sales core compared to 3C products before It is the core of Jingdong's competition. Jingdong actually uses its own "partial commodities" to fight the "important commodities" of the United States and the Soviet Union.

It is understood that, in addition to Suning Appliance announced that it will be implemented in the national store online and offline with the same price (only for Beijing trial operation), other home appliance chain stores did not have any equivalent measures. Therefore, once the home appliance products are attracted to online sales, Gome and Suning will be affected.

In addition, Suning Appliance announced yesterday that it intends to issue corporate bonds with a size of no more than RMB 8 billion to the general public, which is mainly used for the innovation and optimization of the Suning procurement model, R&D platform, and logistics operation system. Lu Zhenwang believes that Liu Qiangdong’s move yesterday was also an indirect blow to Suning’s fundraising.

Suning Vice President Li Bin said yesterday in his Weibo, Suning, including all products including household appliances prices must be lower than Jingdong, any netizen found that its price is higher than Jingdong, will immediately adjust the price, and give feedback to the user twice the difference to pay the price . In addition, Suning Tesco will start the strongest promotion in history at 9:00 today.

After Suning's launch of the above promotion information, Liu Qiangdong announced on Weibo that from tomorrow morning at 9:00 am, all major appliances at Jingdong Mall will be cheaper than Suning Online and offline, and it will be a bottomless line. "If Suning dares to Sell ​​1 yuan, the price of Jingdong must be 0 yuan!"

Gome Online Mall is not to be outdone. Its general manager Han Depeng said yesterday that starting today, Gome's online mall's full line of commodity prices will be 5% lower than Jingdong.

Yi Xun is also involved. "Jingdong Mall price parity should not be limited to offline companies, the scope of their prices should also be extended to the line." Yi Xun network issued yesterday afternoon, "Jingdong dare and can not quickly compare prices" challenge book, claiming that from September , will set off a large-scale overall promotion activities in the second half of the year, when Yi Xun's large appliances and 3C products will be cheaper than Jingdong.

Contradictory home appliance manufacturers When channel providers launched price wars in the home appliance sector, home appliance manufacturers watched with conflicting feelings.

Hong Shibin, deputy director of the China Household Electrical Appliances Marketing Committee, believes that, to a certain extent, home appliance manufacturers are happy to see the price war of e-commerce because the former has the need for diversified development of channels, and the more fierce competition among e-commerce companies, household electrical appliances companies The greater the right to speak."

The above argument has also been recognized by a senior executive of a white power company. The source stated that the current e-commerce has more preferential prices for the big brands before entering the market. “It is difficult to have a real effect on the Internet and it is not attractive to attract consumers through the big brands. An important way."

Under the influence of sluggish consumption, the current e-commerce industry is facing the problem of shrinking consumption and over-stocking. This has also put pressure on e-commerce cash backflow and has had to participate in fierce competition using price measures.

"Now the home appliance manufacturers do hope to use e-commerce to send more goods." The above executives believe that, but the lack of a rational price war will undermine the normal business environment, allowing manufacturers to see the future risks, therefore, does not allow e-commerce price war Erosion to their own commercial profits has become the firm's bottom line.

“The current general mentality is definitely a wait-and-see attitude.” The person in charge of the e-commerce business of a color TV production company accepted the “Daily Economic News” interview and said that the development of e-commerce is to allow consumers to have a better experience, but also to ensure that the manufacturers profit . However, such current price wars are destructive and less rational.

The person in charge believes that in the face of the current price war, they will stick to the price bottom line. “The current profits of home appliance manufacturers are not high, and e-commerce companies will pull prices downwards. Manufacturers must be able to afford this expense.” If they cannot bear it, they will decisively put pressure on e-commerce.

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