Net light floating in the air

Japan's luminaire design always has a unique feature. This silkworm cocoon lamp, they are good at using ordinary materials, and the combination of light and magic turns into a design luminaire. This design brand nendo uses a network that is often used in life.

Designed a series of works. The mesh used as a protective function in daily life has become a unique modeling material in the design of lamps. Using a film of different shapes, the soft LED bulb in the middle seems to wrap light and air inside, and gently float in the air. Give people a light and transparent lighting atmosphere.

- Built-in Surge Protector Extension Cord to protect different office devices or deluxe home appliances against electrical surges and spikes.

- Multiple function Power Strip With Surge Protector optional USB ports, various electric outlet etc.

- Master Switch controls power to the outlets on the power bar.

- Multiple Surge Protected Electrical Outlet allowing you to plug in various electrical devices.

- Qualified Surge Protector Extension Cord Power Strip allowing you extend the outlet 6 feet (2 meters) away from the wall or even further.

- Pure PC flame retardant housing Electrical Receptacle with Surge Protection.

Power Strip With Surge Protector

Power Strip With Surge Protector, Surge Protected Electrical Outlet, Electrical Receptacle with Surge Protection, Surge Protector Extension Cord, Power Bar with Surge Protection

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