Trade and Industry Bureau Challenge Telecommunications Overlord Terms

Trade and Industry Bureau Challenge Telecommunications Overlord Terms When it comes to China Telecom’s hegemony clause, I am afraid that as consumers have a bitter stomach to vomit, there are no complaints and there is a long-term monopoly. Recently, the Harbin Industry and Commerce Bureau finally questioned China Telecom, arguing that its method of charging by the minute was unreasonable. However, this move has led to the public criticism of the “People's Posts and Telecommunications” newspaper and believes that the Trade and Industry Bureau “overpowered” it.

We know that China Telecom’s current charging method for calling is charging on a per-minute basis. Even if it exceeds one second, it can be counted as one minute. This clause has long been unanimously criticized by the general public, and it is the largest telecommunications company in mainland China. The annual fees charged by telecommunications in this way are very large. Now the Harbin Industry and Commerce Bureau questioned the interests of consumers. As the newspaper of the competent department, the “People's Posts and Telecommunications” newspaper immediately jumped out of the maintenance, claiming that other departments had no right to interfere. The only thing that was implied was that the top boss of China Telecom was the Ministry of Information Industry. It is only right to control. This is not only people think of a scene: a plate of scrambled eggs in the hotel sold 1,000 pieces, the owner said I would sell it. Someone else can't control it, only my dad can manage it!

Not long ago, when CCTV disclosed the monopoly of telecommunications and Unicom and was investigated by the National Development and Reform Commission on anti-monopoly investigations, the People’s Posts and Telecommunications’s newspaper reported on this occasion, publishing an article on the front page of the headline accusing CCTV of “confusing and misleading the public”. All kinds of media began a fierce battle. Regardless of who wins or loses the final result, the "People's Posts and Telecommunications" reported that this series of actions has already explained the problem.

Let's take a look at the focus of this debate: whether or not to "override power." "People's Posts and Telecommunications" reported that Harbin Industry and Commerce Bureau "overreaching", based on the "People's Republic of China Telecommunications Regulations", of which the third provides that: The State Council department in charge of information industry in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance on the implementation of the national telecommunications industry supervision and management. The Trade and Industry Bureau is based on the "Consumer Protection Law," and readers who know the law should know that the law is on top of the regulations. Therefore, the "People's Posts and Telecommunications" accusations have no legal basis.

Of course, as a local industry and commerce department, the outcome of Harbin Industry and Commerce Bureau's success for China Telecom’s current advocacy is still unknown, but this indicates that the past unbreakable monopoly in the Chinese market is being disintegrated.

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