Wire and cable industry wants to take the road of information transformation

After more than 50 years of development, the wire and cable industry can now be said to have entered the white-hot phase of competition. However, powerful cable manufacturers have invested heavily in channel construction. Faced with this type of market, how can a small- and medium-sized cable manufacturer with no brand and no capital strengths respond? Is it time to wait, or do you want to change?

In this regard, relevant experts believe that the early use of e-commerce as a weapon, through network marketing to make up for the lack of marketing, reduce operating costs, improve their core competitiveness, is the best choice for small and medium cable manufacturers. It is well-known that small and medium-sized cable manufacturers often fail to sell their good cable products due to insufficient funds, limited personnel, and slow construction of market channels. Therefore, in the era of information explosion, small and medium-sized cable manufacturers can fully use e-commerce platforms to make up for the problems of incomplete channel construction and high marketing operation costs, and to bring unpredictable business results to cable companies.

First of all, it can enhance the brand image. The e-commerce platform not only focuses on the active corporate resources of a large number of cable manufacturers, distributors, raw material suppliers, parts suppliers, and logistics service providers in the industrial chain, but also attracts a large number of enterprises, professional managers, marketing managers, and designers. The long-term concern of social consumers. Establishing online shops here is a symbol of corporate branding. Through online technology such as industry vertical search engine, online advertising, and platform promotion, combined with various new marketing elements such as news marketing, interactive marketing, community marketing, and word-of-mouth marketing, corporate network marketing will certainly achieve unexpected results.

Followed by large-scale operations. On the highway of e-commerce, in the fair and honest trading environment, it is very easy and happy for network operators to find partners, which greatly simplifies the complexity caused by the “acquaintance economy” in reality; Among the alliance's groups, the virtual “industry fleet” formed through economic ties such as “group-for-group purchase” and “factory direct sales” can obtain a more significant scale advantage than real-name brand enterprises.

Once again, you can quickly grasp market information. Most e-commerce platforms provide functional sections such as “find products (or product libraries)” and “find supply and demand (or business opportunities)”. For example, for cable companies, they provide cable market analysis reports, industry catalogs, and market surveys. Cable products, these functions are like numerous tentacles of the company reaching the market, can help companies grasp the pulse of market changes.

In addition, improve the after-sales service system Most mature e-commerce platforms provide online services, voice services, online orders, online complaints, and other service tools. They establish a thorough after-sales service policy based on honesty and transaction, through professional service teams for network operators. Corporate and corporate online customers provide good after-sales services.

Finally solve the shortage of funds. Some e-commerce platforms have established industry pools of “capital pools” through financing, cooperation, etc., and formed special financial products such as credit guarantees, financing and warehouses, which are helpful for the solution of the difficulties of small and medium cable manufacturers’ corporate loans.

Admittedly, in the face of the above advantages of e-commerce, related parties also wrote that the small and medium cable manufacturers in the use of e-commerce platform, but also must be closely linked with the company's various resources, take the road of combination of reality and reality.

The first is brand integration. E-commerce inherits the brand of the manufacturer and the traditional brand can continue in the network virtual space. Users' trust in the traditional brand can naturally continue to the e-commerce website. In the current situation where domestic consumers are generally suspicious of the integrity of websites, business reputation, and payment security, the role of brands is particularly important. This combination also plays an important role in entity management. The Internet has changed people's shopping habits, and more and more users are accustomed to searching the Internet, checking product information, and comparing prices. Maybe they will eventually go to the manufacturers to buy, but the promotion of corporate brands on the Internet will undoubtedly enhance the user's final choice of business opportunities.

Followed by business integration. Cross-temporal space, convenient delivery, strong interaction, and rapid dissemination are the advantages of the network. A perfect logistics distribution and after-sales service system, a full range of product display space, accumulated supplier resources for many years, and professional management and management talents are the operations of manufacturers and enterprises. Advantages, the combination of the two can better meet market needs and improve service levels.

The combination of online marketing and the cable manufacturer's corporate brand store and sales store business is various.

(1) "Online research + offline purchase" model. This is a common form of network marketing for cable manufacturers. Studies abroad have shown that 20% of users will select the store where the site belongs to purchase goods after researching the product through the website. The website played a role in business promotion and merchandising, which ultimately promoted the increase in store sales.

(2) "Online purchase + delivery" mode. That is, customers place orders online, and cable manufacturers use their own warehousing and complete distribution network to deliver goods to customers. Internet marketing is actually an extension of the store sales business.

(3) "Buy online + return" mode. That is, customers purchase goods online and return them at the factory. The return method has always been one of the challenges for online shopping websites. Customers face virtual online shops and it is difficult to return products as easily as physical stores. The combination of online marketing and stores can relieve consumers of their worries.

(4) "Online shopping + pickup" mode. That is, customers place orders online and pick up goods from manufacturers. Users can avoid the trouble of long-term checkout payment and searching for cable goods everywhere. This is the organic combination of online shopping and manufacturers' existing brand stores and sales store systems.

The second is management integration. The network marketing department of the cable manufacturer's enterprise should exist as a department in the enterprise, or be a wholly-owned enterprise, and be included in the overall organizational structure of the enterprise, and the top management personnel should be directly responsible for it. Through unified management to achieve brand integration and business integration, a unified management team can better coordinate the online and offline departments' marketing strategies and jointly expand market share. However, the integration of services requires close coordination between the two parties. The integration of management teams can effectively improve efficiency, reduce costs, and share resources and information.

In fact, cable manufacturers almost all have their own websites, but most of them are publicity websites, that is, relying on some of their own promotional materials to promote their websites, providing basic functions such as cable company introduction and product introduction, and website promotion. Extremely weak, the role of corporate marketing, branding is minimal. More corporate websites are not updated every few months or years, and there has never been a new content since its establishment. Moreover, many corporate websites are obviously inadequate in terms of technology, operation and maintenance, and personnel reserves. Therefore, lack of talent leads to the lack of operation and maintenance that is one of the major factors that restrict the company's e-commerce.

In short, in today's e-commerce wave, all cable manufacturers must embrace the changes brought about by information. If you are still standing still and sticking to stereotypes, if you still put the website as a decoration, not in the cable company's website technology, operation and maintenance and personnel reserves, etc., it will inevitably make some "much like the elephant" thing, but also In the process of industry integration, it will be eliminated by the ruthless "Survival of the fittest" law.

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