Chongqing City Outer City Investment Company to Create "LED Chongqing Trading Center"

The “LED Chongqing Trading Center”, which was built by Chongqing Chengwaicheng Investment Co., Ltd. in 2011, will open on December 28, 2011.

Chongqing City Outer City Lighting Wholesale City is currently the largest lighting wholesale market in Chongqing with the largest number of mainstream lighting brands. The entire transaction center built in the second phase is nearly 10,000 square meters. It integrates display, transaction, procurement, logistics, negotiation and other functions, including LED office, LED business, LED outdoor, LED home and other categories, gathered Samsung LED, Philips, More than 200 well-known manufacturers and general agents such as NVC, Op, Sanxiong Aurora, Guangxu, Jingrui Lighting and Jichen Lighting.

In addition, on the day of the opening event, LED Chongqing Trading Center will hold the activities of “eliminating incandescent lamps, promoting energy-saving lamps, promoting LED, low-carbon Chongqing energy-saving actions – 10,000-person signature”, implementing the nationalization of China's green lighting projects, and knowing LEDs for all. Support LED. Scientific and technological innovation, environmental protection and energy conservation, the city outside the city lighting wholesale city LED promotion first. Let LED lighting enter the government, enterprises, schools, communities, etc., and participate in the whole people. Through this platform, we will provide more opportunities for cooperation and exchanges and development for the exchange of lamps and lanterns at home and abroad.



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