Brief Discussion on the Application of Internet of Things in the Family


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The emergence of the Internet of Things has made the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) gradually accepted, because people's requirements for living standards are getting higher and higher. Smart homes are also becoming more and more popular, so the home Internet of Things has become a "guide" for people's new life.

The emergence of the home Internet of Things will greatly change our home environment, even social living habits, the essence of which is the seamless integration of physics into the information network to achieve the integration of the real world and the connected world. This article will combine the Internet of Things technology, focusing on the establishment and implementation of the household IoT system and the new application of home appliances in the IoT environment.

1 Architecture

The home Internet of Things (IoT) system is the smallest integrated unit in the IoT domain. It is the smallest system for the unified convergence of the IoT network. The technical construction can be summarized by “DCMC”, namely Device, Connect, and Manage. Management) and Customer. Its composition is shown in the figure:

The device layer of the home Internet of Things mainly implements data collection and information release. Including sensors, integrated RFID identification and other new technologies such as IOT home appliances, QR code labels and communication modules.

The data interconnection layer (Connect) of the home Internet of Things realizes the protocol interconnection of different data transmission types, and is the data transmission channel of the entire home Internet of Things. Through the interconnection of data, the networking communication of the terminal device is realized, and it is no longer a single information island, and the interconnection of technologies such as GSM, 3G, RFID, WIFI, and Bluetooth is realized.

The management of the home Internet of Things (Manage) is the core of the entire home IoT system, through which you can control, manage, and provide intelligent analysis and processing of your home devices. And it can realize the interaction between people and the home networking network, and realize the operation of the connected world to the physical world.

The user object layer of the home Internet of Things (Customer) is the user of the home Internet of Things. The good human-computer interaction mechanism constructed by the speech synthesis technology controls the entire home-feature network by issuing commands to the management layer, and the information of the Internet of Things can be fed back to the user through voice synthesis.

2 solutions

The technical solutions of the home-home IoT system mainly involve TTS technology, wireless communication technology, electronic technology, computer technology, network communication and other technical means to realize the functions of home home interconnection control, communication and home network security, and can interact with other home networks. Even networking. It can realize remote appliance control, alarm, real-time data acquisition, network sharing and other functions.

The home networking system is mainly divided into three major components:

a Home Information Interconnection Processing Center is the contact center of the home Internet of Things. It mainly realizes the interconnection information processing of different home appliances in the home and the data exchange with the external network. The Home Control Management Center is the control center for realizing the home Internet of Things, handling remote control commands, It collects sensor and tag information and is compatible with the home security control system. It can set the access level and other functions for users on the LAN. The mobile interconnection processing center is an interaction platform between the external network data and the home networking data, and mainly realizes data interaction between the internal and external data of the physical local area network and the home interconnection center, and can provide external requests to the security center. As shown below:

b The composition of the home information interconnection processing center and the home control management layer includes: the Internet of Things terminal device, the communication gateway device and the application software for providing information management processing, and the mobile interconnection center is mainly composed of a communication gateway and a network application.

c The IOT terminal equipment is mainly for household electrical appliances, and the IOT home appliances terminal will be a complex integrated component of new technology. Such as the IoT refrigerator, the food production date will be automatically recorded when the food is scanned into the refrigerator. After the intelligent judgment, the TTS technology will be used for voice broadcast: "The milk purchased on November 5, 2010 has expired, please do not Drinking." Or when the food in the refrigerator is not enough, a voice prompt will be given to the user, and after obtaining the user's purchase order, the shopping will be carried out in the supermarket that is allowed to access through the networking technology.

In addition to the white goods control management application, the IOT black appliance terminal in the home-based environment will be smarter and more entertaining. The future home Internet TV will intelligently judge the distance between the viewer and the TV when watching the TV program. When the distance is too close, the black screen will automatically be displayed and the voice announcement function will be displayed through the built-in voice synthesis software. After receiving the permission of the customer, the TV program provider collects the TV programs that the customers usually like to watch. The programs that the new customers like will appear in the first time through the TTS technology for the synthetic broadcast recommendation, and the user can choose to accept or reject. The terminal manufacturer collects the functions commonly used by the customer during the process of using the appliance to develop a personalized product for the target customer.

When there is a product failure problem in the IOT appliance terminal, the indoor customer will be alerted by voice synthesis technology, and the home appliance failure data will be submitted to the after-sales department of the manufacturer and the designated user mobile phone. The service processing center of the after-sales department gets the data and gets accurate operational steps from the cloud processing center, feeds back to the customer, and assigns engineers to provide maintenance services.

The communication gateway and the IoT terminal are based on a unified interconnection communication protocol (such as the IGRS standard), and the object connection terminal and the sensor collection device can exchange the dynamic and static data information in the entire home environment through the communication gateway and the home control management. When abnormal data information appears, the data can be quickly uploaded and an indoor alarm can be made. When the user is out, he can accurately control the electrical appliances in the home through mobile interconnection terminals such as mobile phones. In the summer when he is off work, the air conditioner in the home can be remotely controlled to be turned on in advance, and when entering the home, it will be a comfortable temperature. .

Each household's home Internet of Things can set a corresponding level for external access requests, and the maximum protection of users' privacy rights. According to different access levels, access to different home networking data information will be accessed.

3 meaning

The construction of the family Internet of Things will realize the tactile sense of a series of household products such as household appliances, and the integrated speech synthesis technology realizes the ability of the article to speak, and integrates the voice synthesis chip in the object connection terminal or the communication gateway to realize the ability of the article to speak. Through the direct communication of voice, it is the most suitable human-computer interaction processing mechanism.

Some data information in the home environment needs to be integrated with the community or a larger-scale IoT network, providing intelligent judgment capabilities through the cloud processing center, providing emergency processing methods, and finally realizing the integration of the physical environment and the virtual environment.

4 Conclusion

Although the main application site of the home Internet of Things is a family, it can also be used in the local area network such as a residential area and an office building. The construction of the home-home networking system promotes the development of the Internet of Things in China. The construction of the whole system will be the indispensable infrastructure of the community Internet of Things, and it is the main application direction of the IoT community. The good human-computer interaction experience brought by speech synthesis is also an essential function of the IoT terminal.

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