Zhou Ming Technology's initial public offering price on June 14 was 18.57 yuan.

[High-tech LED News] Recently, Gaogong LED reporter learned from the website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission that Shenzhen Zhouming Technology Co., Ltd. (300232) will be the first public offering of shares on the GEM on June 14th. Ten thousand shares, the issue price per share is 18.57 yuan. The issuance is carried out by means of a combination of online placing and placing of the placing object (hereinafter referred to as “offline distribution”) and online pricing to public investors (hereinafter referred to as “online distribution”).

It is understood that the total revenue of Zhouming Technology from 2008 to 2010 was 237 million yuan, 313 million yuan, and 501 million yuan respectively. In 2010, the production capacity of the LED display of Chau Ming Technology was 48,100 square meters, the sales volume was 44,700 square meters, and the sales volume was 466 million yuan. The production capacity of LED lighting products was 77,700, and the sales volume was 68,300. The sales amount was 33.39 million yuan.

In addition, Chau Ming Technology intends to raise 355 million yuan to expand the production capacity of LED display and LED lighting products, expand the R&D center and marketing system. In the prospectus, Zhou Ming Technology said that after the fund-raising investment project is completed and all of the products are put into production, the company's LED full-color display capacity will increase by 100,000 square meters per year, and the LED street lamp production capacity will increase by 55,000 per year. LED bulbs The capacity will increase by 100,000 / year.

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