High-frequency machine selection is easy to ignore

1, only look at the type, do not look at the power, for example, the equipment single-phase input current 120A ~ I input power 120KVA mixed into a talk, collectively known as 120 machines, so that after buying back, only found that the real power is only 80KVA, clearly accounted for the cheap, but actually eaten deficit.
2, only look at the power, do not look at the frequency in the standard parts, fasteners, etc., when the heating workpiece diameter is greater than Φ60mm, you should choose the intermediate frequency equipment, still use the high frequency machine will cause the workpiece outside the "burning flow" "The inside of the "black heart" (commonly known as "burning through"), not only the equipment efficiency is greatly reduced, but also reduce the mold life or even cause mold damage, invisible costs increase, but I do not know the reason.
3, only look at the output, do not look at the input Ignore the equipment efficiency and power consumption factors, and then buy back the equipment to find out that it is "electric tiger", resulting in affordable, can not afford the embarrassing situation. For example, the same 80 machine, but one is the input power of 80KVA, one is the output power of 80KW, but the equipment work efficiency is very different, although the heating requirements can be completed, but the power consumption makes the user complain. The input power of the output of 80KW is up to 120KVA.

This Lead Acid Battery Bank is a kind of mobile power bank and supply, it is also called Mobile Power Bank,Portable Power Bank and Battery Charge Pal. This battery energy power storage is used for DC consumer electronics products and other DC electronic machines. This rechargeable Lead acid battery bank is convenient, portable, long-lived and multifunctional. USB interface, solar charging input / DC input interface and automobile emergency startup interface are integrated on the surface of battery bank.

This Battery Energy Storage Power,Mobile Power bank and Battery Charge Pal is 280WH with Short-Circuit and Over-discharge Protection, Cut-off voltage is 10.5V (Besides 12V 300A output interface)

Application in DC Fan, Mobile Phone, DV, DVD, IPAD, Notebook PC, Computer, Nail Painting Machine, Inflator Pump, Washing Machine, Car Starter (Urgently), Lighting, Router, Monitor, DVR, MP3/MP4/GPS/, Radio, DC TV, DC Projector, Audio and other DC electric products.

This Multifunctional power charge pal now is wildly applied in Africa, America, Europe and Asia, When you encounter a shortage of electricity, you have it, so you don't have to worry about your working electricity, traveling power supply, or domestic family daily power, etc.


USB Output:2PCS 5V2A

DC Output:4PCS 12V5A

DC Output:1PCS 19V4.7A

DC Output : 1PCS 12V300A

Solar Power Input:1PCS 18V50W

DC Input:1PCS 12V3A



1)Car starting less than 5 sec. and input current less than 3A

2)Please recharge this battery every 2-3 months without any using

3)Do not short connecting 12V 300A interface

4)Battery charge current less than 4A, Do not use charger its charging current higher than 4A which damage your battery

Lead Acid Battery Bank

Lead Acid Battery Bank,Portable Battery Charge Pal

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