Analysis of Lighting Design of Beijing Intime Store in Beijing

Project Name: Fa Lan China Yintai Center Flagship Store Location: Beijing CBD
Area: 670 m square design company: Beijing Ruizhihui Design Co., Ltd. Design: Wang Junqin Main material: oak finish `Tea mirror `Silk` Der Spiery` Stone

Established in 2001, Fa Blue Porcelain is committed to revitalizing Chinese porcelain and glory. In just seven years, it has gradually established excellent brand awareness around the world, marketing nearly 6,000 locations around the world, and keeping pace with European century-old porcelain brands. And there is a tendency to overtake. In 2009, Fa Lan Porcelain was selected in the Beijing Yintai Center to open the world's first flagship store, bringing this glory and joy back to China from the international market, and looking forward to leading the porcelain fashion and rekindling the brilliance of Chinese porcelain.

The charm of FRANZ--When the glass door is pushed open, the violin sound of Canon and love tributes to the elegant style of the flagship store. The design and porcelain of the flagship store are as white as jade, as bright as a mirror, as thin as paper, sound. Such as "the texture of each other, the French blue porcelain, Jean Boggio for Franz, Bernardaud three brands stand in the middle, the viewers shuttle through the ancient and modern Chinese and Western porcelain art classics, the beauty is more to lead the viewer into the beauty of space.

Creative cynical, no idols, no heroes, no unbreakable truths, and no myths that cannot be subverted. In the traditional speculation, with a "playing heart", with playful colors, unregulated lines, unconstrained style, in humor and subversion, with a cynical attitude, impacted the existing norms and traditional logic. There will be blind spots in the angle of view. We will always focus on a certain angle, but the space should be a kind of overall care, and all the elements, colors and other elements will be assembled to achieve a whole picture, so any object can not be placed outside. Space, especially the rich art of vocabulary.

The same paintings will have different imaginary situations in different spaces. The sculptures will interact with the space due to the changes of light and shadow. The artworks can indeed open many possibilities for the space, but they are not placed in the right position, just like being buried. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the overall concept of space, the layout of the main and the deputy between art and other furnishings, as well as the spatial tones, lines, etc., in order to open the soul of art in space.

“Space” is the field where creativity and life are connected, and “decoration” is the last medium presented in the process of designing “design”. It is also the right to display the unique aesthetic of space.

Elegant fashion blue porcelain Yintai flagship store style is unique

France Blue porcelain first assembled three major brands, together with French blue porcelain Franz, Jean Boggio for Franz and BERNARDAUD from the French porcelain Limoges. In the flagship store of Fa Lan Porcelain Yintai, the designer cleverly interspersed with the charm and characteristics of the three brands, interpreting the whole thing, blending the ancient and modern design ingenuity, and interpreting the world's top porcelain art.

Top-class enjoyment of exclusive guest space

The French-inspired Yintai flagship store is a considerate guest, and is also carefully crafted with the classic works of the French-branded porcelain brand Jean Boggio for Franz to create a guest-only space for everyone to enjoy the top treatment and leisurely immersion. In the atmosphere of elegant French style Chinese style. In addition, the French-Taiwan Yintai flagship store has also planned an art gallery-level area to showcase the exquisite porcelain prints of many national treasure masters, Mr. Sun Chao. The president, Mr. Chen Liheng, is not hiding, and generously displays many personal collections here. Share the beauty of art with all French blue porcelain consumers.

French blue porcelain 2009 freehand jewelry accessories, classic yet stylish, rich in innovation and full of charm. There are both streamlined elements of European new art and a strong oriental flavor. Fully integrated with Eastern and Western aesthetics, repeated quenching and perfection, FRANZ has created a unique "new porcelain era" with this novel and bold concept of porcelain art creation.

In an interview with reporters, Chen Lanheng, president of France Blue Porcelain, said that Beijing flagship store began planning a year ago, and the current economic situation has not affected its opening, because he believes that the worst timing may be the best time. He confidently said that we like to go against the market, because our products are very unique and do not like to follow the trend. In times of economic downturn, it is necessary to do things well and to take the lead when the economy recovers.

According to the introduction, the performance of French blue porcelain products in Beijing has always been very good, and has not been affected by the financial crisis. In the first quarter of this year, the performance has increased by 68%. The company is very confident in the Beijing market and is confident to be a flagship store in Beijing. Chen Liheng believes that the performance rises against the market because of the brand effect. For the crisis, the brand is a way out.

Chen Liheng said that porcelain manufacturing technology in China is not a problem, the key is how to integrate into China's elements. The most important thing for cultural products is to convey information and resonate, so we must work hard to make products that resonate with the whole world, so that the market can be maximized and culture can reach all parts of the world. The opening of the flagship store in Beijing means bringing the French blue porcelain brand back to China from the international market, and looking forward to leading the porcelain fashion and rekindling the brilliance of Chinese porcelain.