Emergency flashlight with illuminated LED rope

In order to cope with the emergency situation, the designer specially upgraded the emergency flashlight. This emergency flashlight will normally be stored in a red glass case, like a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, emergency hammer, etc., lined with a yellow warning label, placed in a prominent place. When the light in the room is cut off and it is dark, you will see that the flashlight is automatically turned on so that it can be easily accessed. In order to meet the needs of multi-person use, and also to facilitate the care of adults and the elderly, the flashlight can also be stretched out to show the internal LED light rope, which is convenient for children and old people in the middle of the team. Hold tightly to avoid loss, and the flashlight part connected to the end of the rope will also turn on the light, allowing the rear adult to illuminate the crowd walking in the middle of the team.

Multifunctional LED emergency flashlight

Barium titanate lead-free piezoelectric ceramics are important basic materials for the development of modern science and technology, which was widely used in the manufacture of ultrasonic transducers, underwater acoustic transducers, electroacoustic transducers, ceramic filters, ceramic transformers, ceramic frequency discriminators, high voltage generators, infrared detectors, surface acoustic wave devices, electro-optic devices, ignition and detonation devices, and piezoelectric gyroscope and so on.

Application:  military, ocean, fishery, scientific research, mine detection, daily life and other fields.

lead free element used in fishfinder

Lead Free Piezo Rings

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