Zhenghan invested in LED ceramic heat sink substrate related business in 2011

Recently, Zhenghan announced that the board of directors of the company has decided to invest 20% of the company's paid-in capital and NT$100 million by investing in LED ceramic heat-dissipating board related business plans.

The company plans to invest in LED ceramic heat sink substrates in 2011, with investment funds as its own funds.

Fast charging,Fast heat radiation,longer life,safety and stability.
Raw materials:
-100% pure lithium cobalt oxide core, high-density ceramic diaphragm, Ensure capacity density same with original 1: 1.
-Load IC from IBM manufacturer can received excessive current meanwhile not automatic shut off.
-TI IC is Apple original battery chip supplier, the main control chip automatic updated with original iOS system operation data. Ensure stability without worrying about power diving. Ensure normal battery loss, automatic identification with the original battery to maintain the same performance, intelligent identification, intelligent operation, no blue screen.

-OEM order connector, high precision, to ensure stable connection with mobile phones, accurate reading data.

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