LED lighting driver helps Hongguan 2010 to see 3 yuan in NT

Hongguan Electronics Industry (3257) focused on power management ICs. In November 2010, its performance maintained its high-end water level. The revenue was NT$41.39 million, a 16.88% increase over the same period in 2009. The cumulative revenue for January-November 2010 was 500 million yuan. , an increase of 59.68%.

The legal person said that the company paid 2.4 yuan in the first three quarters, with the new products LED lighting high-efficiency drive and low-power electronic products high-efficiency control IC and other flowering results, pay attention to the company's sports energy, the annual net profit after tax per share Will exceed 3 yuan.

Established in 1998, Hongguan is mainly engaged in power conversion management ICs, which are (AC-DC) and (DC-DC) power conversions, among which AC power is converted to DC power (AC-DC) offline products as the core. Used in switching power supply (SPS), such as: personal computer, LCD TV, various types of Adapater, LED lighting, etc., the market structure of domestic sales 64%, export 36%.

At present, Rainbow Crown also introduces a power factor and pulse width modulation integrated type, interleaved synchronous hybrid resonant architecture type and a new process of 700 volts withstand voltage power control IC, among which power factor and pulse width modulation integrated control IC (PFC + PWM Combo) It is an active power factor control IC with a high output power of 80~90%. It has already replaced the commercially available output power of 60% passive power factor component circuit and existing active power factor IC products at home and abroad.

In the future, Hongguan will dominate the PFC (Power Correction Factor) IC product innovation and establish a new circuit architecture. At the same time, it will enter the LED power-saving high-efficiency IC control circuit design, and accelerate the worldwide power saving demand in response to future indoor and outdoor lighting systems.

In addition, Rainbow Crown will develop new products, such as low-power electronic products high-efficiency control IC, LED lighting high-efficiency driving IC, three-in-one integrated IC production (Triple-PFC+PWM+Standby), new architecture Rainbow Crown CleanTechnology IC product line to meet customer market needs.

At present, Hongguan has passed the listing review meeting of the Stock Exchange and will be trading on the Q1 card in 2011.

The Micro Vibration Motor is introduced:

Micro Vibration Motor is mainly used for adult health care products and toys, micro vibration motor is a Dc Motor, the motor shaft with an eccentric wheel, the use of most of the micro vibration motor voltage is lower than 6 v, probably between 6 mm to 15 mm in diameter, when the motor rotation, eccentric circle particles is not the core of the motor, the motor often lose their balance, due to the inertia effect.

Characteristics: small volume, strong vibration;

Features: small size, fast speed, stable performance, low price, can use battery drive,Can change the different materials of the pendulum head
Vibration Motor  Vibration Motor
Method of use: the best stable in horizontal plane, installed on the dc Micro vibration motor  output shaft parts, cannot use a hammer to knock, knock prone to press into the Micro vibration motor drive, may cause damage to internal components, and cannot be used in the case of blocked.

vibration motor

Operating temperature range:

Mini Vibration Motor should be used at a temperature of -10~60℃.

The figures stated in the catalog specifications are based on use at  ordinary room temperature catalog specifications re based on use at ordinary room temperature  (approximately20~25℃.

If a Mini Vibration Motor is used outside the prescribed temperature range,the grease on the gearhead area will become unable to function normally and the motor will become unable to start.Depending on the temperature conditions ,it may be possible to deal with them by changing the grease of the motor's parts.Please feel free to consult with us about this.

Storage temperature range:

Mini Vibration Motor should be stored ta a temperature of -15~65℃.

In case of storage outside this range,the grease on the gearhead area will become unable to function normally and the motor will become unable to start.

Service life:

The longevity of Mini Vibration Motor is greatly affected by the load conditions , the mode of operation,the environment of use ,etc.Therefore,it is necessary to check the conditions under which the product will actually be used .The following conditions will have a negative effect on longevity.Please consult with us should any of them apply.

●Use with a load that exceeds the rated torque

●Frequent starting

●Momentary reversals of turning direction

●Impact loads

●Long-term continuous operation

●Forced turning using the output shaft

●Use in which the permitted overhang load or the permitted thrust load is exceeded

●A pulse drive ,e.g.,a short break,counter electromotive force,PWM control

●Use of a voltage that is nonstandard as regards the rated voltage

●Use outside the prescribed temperature or relative-humidity range,or in a special environment.

●Please consult with us about these or any other conditions of use that may apply,so that we can be sure that you select the most appropriate model.

when it come to volume production,we're a major player as well .each month,we rurn out  600000 units,all of which are compliant with the rohs directive.Have any questions or special needed, please contact us, we have the engineer group and best sales department to service to you Looking forward to your inquiry. Welcome to our factory.

vibration motor

Micro Vibration Motor

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