Taiwan factory Yamaha Technology launched the "scheduled lease buy back preferential light replacement project" self-seeking LED lighting outlet

In response to the current market of LED lighting in Taiwan, YAMA Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. launched the "LED Lighting Lighting Leasing and Full Service"-oriented business planning, and launched the "Scheduled Lease Buying and Renewing Lights Project".

At present, LED manufacturers are mainly based on LCD LED backlights, and there are not many lightings involved. Wu Ruihua, chairman of YAMA Technology, believes that government policy subsidies and promotion are not effective, and that the import of LED lighting fixtures in mainland China is not strict, and the products of poor quality are flooding, leading to market disorder. Consumers are stagnation and watch is difficult in Taiwan’s LED lighting market in recent years. The biggest problem of comprehensive promotion.

In response to this situation, the CEO of YAMA Technology Industry believes that instead of the government's suggestion of feasible policy support, it is better for Yama to lead the education and expand the market, and Yama is involved in the leasing market.

He pointed out that the end users who really need LED lighting fixtures are small stores (20-50 pings per year for general business electricity (average annual price of more than 4.0 yuan), so YAMA Technology launched a "scheduled lease purchase" for this group of people. Back to the special offer for changing lights, to reduce the monthly electricity bills of small stores.

In addition, YAMA Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. also provides a full range of services such as business cards, DM, website, advertising, dispatch, water and electricity cooling, cleaning, marketing planning, and collecting franchisees and investors.

Product Features: 

1. Our SMD LED use 99.99% gold thread, pure copper bracket coated with silver, long life span and low Luminous Decay.
2. Our flexible PCB are all high quality double layers PCB, at least 2 ounces, or 3 ounces in particular models.
3. We always require same bin number SMD LEDs for different production batches for the same customer.
4. We have Everfine integrating sphere to test the color temperature of incoming SMD LEDs and put it in our QC records for every batch. 
5. CRI>80

6. 3M 300LSE tape attached.  

Warranty: 3 years.

Color Temperature: 2300k, 2700k, 3000k, 4000k, 6500k.

double row strip

Application: City lighting, landscape lighting, commercial lighting and house contour lighting, etc.

About us:

LBY is a professional manufacturer specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of LED light for worldwide sign industry. Since 2004, we have been devoted to designing and producing more efficient and easily-installed LED products. At the same time, we also offer customized design, OEM and work instruction service. Our general target is saving total cost for customers.
   The company is  improved all the time by working together with many industrial leading partners, today, LBY, the name means reliable quality, good consistency, high light efficiency and cost effective. We now have 22 domestic offices and maintain very good relationships with our distributors from more than 50 countries. The local service cover most products users no matter where they locate. The company is also very actively providing its products and service to national projects and government signs.

LED Strip Project:

Beast for city lighting, landscape lighting, commercial lighting and house contour lighting


5050 Double Row Strip

5050 Double Row Strip,5050 Double Row Led Strip,Double Row Strip,Double Row 5050 Led Strip