Automatic call, intercom, and amplified telephone circuit diagram

The device is attached to the outside of the telephone , and only the contact point of the contact spring of the pressure spring of the telephone is connected with the contact of the relays J2-2 and J2-3. It can intercom within 2 meters without having to pick up the headset and can hear the call. When no one answers, the wait state is automatically restored.

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Babbitt Wire is with tin as the base, the product is added with certain amount of antimony, copper

or other improved elements.

Sn Sb7Cu3 Babbit metal is suitable for metal spraying on the end face of metalized film capacitor. With strong adhesive force, good weldability and low loss angle, it is an ideal metal spraying material for laminated capacitor.

Other trade marks are suitable to use CMT, TIG and MIG technology to manufacture sliding bearing bush material layer. It is of high bonding strength with substrate, with material utilization rate of 70~80%. It has small amount of ingredient segregation without any loose or slag inclusion. The internal control standard of the alloy composition is prevailing over GB/T8740-2013. Babbi1 metal added with improved elements can substantially enhance the service life.

Snsbcu Babbitt Wire

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