Xi'an Urban Construction Association calls for promotion of solar street lighting

Street lighting is a major consumer of electricity in the city. If you switch to solar-powered streetlights, you can save a lot of energy every year. After the investigation, experts from the Municipal Urban Construction Association issued an appeal: solar energy lighting should be promoted and promoted in Xi'an.

Can be illuminated without electricity

Tangzi Village, Tangyu Town, Lantian County invested 1.5 million yuan in March last year. Solar lighting street lamps and lawn lamps were installed in the village. The effect of the application was more than one year. The weather was still able to be illuminated during the heavy snow disaster at the end of last year. The village saved a lot of electricity expenses. According to estimates, the average cost of a single-time input unit per solar turf lamp is lower than that of an ordinary lawn lamp. It is very suitable for popularization. The unit cost of the one-time input of solar street lamps is slightly higher than or equal to that of ordinary street lamps, but the long-term comprehensive benefits are significant.

Take the 5km long and 20m wide main road in Xi'an High-tech Zone as an example: a total of 250 lamps for street lamps, 5800 yuan for ordinary lamps and 15,700 yuan for solar street lamps, and a comparison of ordinary street lamps for 5 years. Invested 4.25 million yuan, solar street lamps are 4.05 million yuan; ordinary street lamps use 1.68 million yuan for 5 years, solar street lamps have no electricity consumption; ordinary street lamps have 5 years maintenance cost of 260,000 yuan, solar street lamps have no maintenance costs; 5 years total cost ordinary street lamps It is 6.25 million yuan, and the solar street light is 4.05 million yuan. The use of 5 years of solar street lamps saves a total of 2.2 million yuan compared with ordinary street lamps.

Gradually promote with point and face

According to the survey of the Urban Construction Association, there are still some problems in the development of solar photovoltaic industry. People still don’t fully understand solar energy products. Many people are skeptical about the quality, illumination, longevity and reliability of solar energy products. Formulate medium- and long-term planning for the development of solar photovoltaic industry; lack of standardized industry standards and product testing institutions; "2007 Xi'an Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Key Tasks and Task Analysis Implementation Plan" has played a guiding and promoting role in the city's energy conservation and emission reduction work. However, the corresponding supporting policies, such as incentives and financial support subsidy policies, have not been perfected.

To this end, the Urban Construction Association recommended to the relevant departments that in Xi'an, a residential community, a street park, a commercial street, and an ancient building should be selected for piloting.

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